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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<ArneBab_>bipt: thanks!zacts
<ArneBab_>zacts: sorry for the highlight. I accedently hit tab completion when sending.
<zacts>ArneBab_: it's ok
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<jockej>hello all
<jockej>i tried to build guile from bipts branch yesterday, thru the AUR
<jockej>but I ran inte some trouble with the file meta/
<jockej>the substitute command contains a lot of sed expressions delimited by comma
<jockej>but there is a variable in there, GUILE_CFLAGS, which expands to a string with a lot of commas in it, like -pthread, -O2 and whatnot
<jockej>so i had to replace the commas by pipes to get it to build
<jockej>like was done in the function below
<jockej>i'm just wondering how it builds for anyone else?
<jockej>or if it's just me having these problems
<jockej>i might mention i'm not exactly a computer wizard...
<mark_weaver>jockej: I've not heard of this problem, and I doubt that bipt would have done that. Is it possible that you've set GUILE_CFLAGS like that somewhere on your own system?
<mark_weaver>replacing the commas with pipes doesn't sound right either. they should probably just be removed.
<jockej>to be honest i'm not sure...
<jockej>well, they were replaced with pipes in the function below
<mark_weaver>in what file?
<mark_weaver>I don't see this in;a=blob_plain;f=meta/;hb=HEAD
<mark_weaver>not sure what revision is being picked up by the AUR package
<mark_weaver>or is this in bipt's emacs repo? (as opposed to his guile repo)
<mark_weaver>well, there's no 'meta' directory there, so I guess not.
<mark_weaver>jockej: it's possible that the commas you saw were part of a 'sed' command.
<jockej>yes, I mean that file
<jockej>on line 51
<jockej>substitue =
<jockej>and so forth
<jockej>the commas used as delimiters in the sed 's' commands
<mark_weaver>so the GUILE_CFLAGS line I see is this: -e "s,[@]GUILE_CFLAGS[@],$(GUILE_CFLAGS),g"
<mark_weaver>is that what you see as well?
<jockej>i had to replace those commas with pipes
<mark_weaver>oh, I see. so the $(GUILE_CFLAGS) being substituted in there contains commas, so that's interfering with the use of comma as a delimeter for 'sed', is that what you mean?
<jockej>yes, exactly
<mark_weaver>oh, I can see that.
<mark_weaver>bipt: ^^
<mark_weaver>(not sure if he's around now)
<civodul>hi Guilers!
<jockej>it would be nice to get the AUR-package to work
<jockej>so that more people can start trying out guile-emacs
<mark_weaver>jockej: sounds great!
<mark_weaver>those commas are actually inherited from our own upstream repo
<jockej>yes i saw that
<mark_weaver>civodul: what do you make of this? in meta/, we use commas as the delimiter in the 'sed' command that substitutes in GUILE_CFLAGS
<mark_weaver>and I guess that fails if GUILE_CFLAGS contains a comma
<mark_weaver>which it certainly might in some cases
<mark_weaver>jockej: are you trying to create a guile-emacs package for AUR? or does one already exist that fails to build for you?
<jockej>one exists
<jockej>i tried to build it, but it failed because it requires guile 2.2
<jockej>there is also a package called guile4emacs
<jockej>by the same guy
<jockej>which is a dependency of guile-emacs
<jockej>but as arch is quite vanilla, it actually just builds from bipt's repo
<mark_weaver>jockej: afaik, we've been using commas there for at least several years, so I'm wondering how this ever worked for anyone.
<jockej>that's what i was wondering :)
<mark_weaver>maybe commas were recently added somewhere else in arch that ended up being propagated here
<mark_weaver>(to some CFLAGS somewhere)
<civodul>mark_weaver: i guess we could use | or @ instead of commas, would that help?
<civodul>oh that's because LDFLAGS contains something like -Wl,-foo ?
<mark_weaver>civodul: yes, I think | because @ is used in the patterns.
<mark_weaver>okay, I'll take care of it, thanks!
<mark_weaver>jockej: were there any other occurrences of that same problem that you ran into?
<jockej>no, after that it built fine
<jockej>i think
<jockej>haven't really tested it much, but it seems to work
<jockej>but i changed all commas in that block
<mark_weaver>jockej: sounds good, thanks for letting us know!
<mark_weaver>hopefully it will be fixed within a day or two.
<jockej>glad i could help :)
<jockej>tonight i'll try to build guile-emacs
<mark_weaver>(after I get it pushed to our master branch, we'll have to get bipt's attention to merge our upstream into his repo)
<jockej>no hurry :)
<jockej>i just hope it work for other people as well
<mark_weaver>thanks for working on it. it would be good to make it easier for people to experiment with guile-emacs.
<jockej>i'm very excited about guile emacs :)
<jockej>woulde be nice to try it
<jockej>it would be awesome to get a nice ffi in emacs
<mark_weaver>yeah :)
<mark_weaver>guile has lots of functionality and libraries that would be awesome to use from emacs.
<jockej>yes, definitely
<jockej>especially if one is able to create emacs-lisp objects from c programs :)
<jockej>like with scheme objects
<jockej>to, say, call a c routine which builds the AST of a file as an emacs list
<jockej>that would be cool
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<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
<mark_weaver>hi dsmith-work!
<dsmith-work>Was on vacation all last week. Did some dejunking of by basement and rewired all my phones. Oh. and I shoveled soem snow. Then I did some more shoveling. And I ended up my shoveling some more snow...