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<mark_weaver>davexunit: websockets for guile would be very welcome!
<davexunit>the chicken scheme websockets library depends on a parser combinator library... I hope that's not strictly necessary.
<davexunit>hey zacts
*davexunit reads a bit of the websocket spec while waiting for food to arrive
<davexunit>does anyone have a sha-1 implementation lying around?
<ijp>maybe guile-lib / industria
<davexunit>thanks ijp
<davexunit>websockets requires some base64 encoding and sha-1 hashing.
<ijp>yeah, industria has sha1
<davexunit>ijp: cool, just found it.
<davexunit>I'll lift that for the time being.
<stis>morning guilers!
<zacts>morning stis
*davexunit attempts to figure out how to get the http server to handle the ws:// scheme
<davexunit>maybe it can't.
<davexunit>it seems to turn ws:// into http://
<davexunit>aha, only the client specifies ws://, the server does not see a uri like that.
<davexunit>more confusion. I need to somehow send a response back to the client and then hold the connection open after.
<paroneayea>hi davexunit
<davexunit>hey paroneayea
<paroneayea>davexunit: websockets fun? :)
<davexunit>I can't figure out what to do after the initial handshake
<davexunit>I'm using guile's built-in http web server, but the websocket flow seems to be different enough that I will need to write a custom server.
<davexunit>the chicken scheme websockets implementation manages to make it work, though.
<davexunit>might punt on this for now.
<linas>So I've got soe weird guile-2.2 behavior that I don't understand ...
<linas>Start guile shell, run some things that get into C code, and from the C code, I call guile again
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<linas>specifically catch and eval_c_eval_string
<linas>the inner bit throws an exception, its caught, and then the big surprise
<linas>some thread exists!
<linas>the thread finalizers end up calling my C finalizers and tearing down my whole guile environment
<linas>and that seems wrong.
<linas>I have not checked to see if guile-2.0 does this too.
<taylanub>linas: 2.2 has some changes to finalizer behavior IIRC; wingo was talking about it and asking for opinions on what method seems best or so
<linas>I'll have to get his attention, then. Just cause there is some exception doesn't seem like an excuse to tear down my C guile environment
<linas>I mean, the C extension finalizers should run only if one is leaving guile forever and ever, not because some thred exited.
<taylanub>linas: it might just be a bug, or entirely unrelated, don't let me mislead you :)
<taylanub>(a bug in the implementation of the new behavior, or an entirely unrelated bug, I mean)
<linas>Hmm Unless I stupidly amd misreading this stack trace because I forgot to scm_gc_c_protect_object ... surely not
<linas>oh wait .. huh, this may very well be my error. I was doing something completely new and .. Hrmmm
<linas>so ignore the above
<taylanub>linas: I'm now reading the citations in Wingo's mail to get a better understanding of the whole topic, and it really sounds irrelevant to your problem; sorry about the noise
<taylanub>I just jumped when I heard "finalizers"
<linas>no, that was good. The word "finalizer" appears in my stack trace, and I mistook the function being called for the one that does the global shutdown
<linas>instead, it is just deleting what turns out to be a very important object for me.
<linas>because it seems I failed to protect it...