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<paroneayea>davexunit: btw, you were offline when it happened, but we've talked about whether a guile->js thing is feasible before; ijp said they may apply for such a GSoC project :)
<paroneayea>(I hope they do it!)
<davexunit>that would be awesome :)
<paroneayea>then you could write guix-web to use guile on the frontend and backend ;)
<davexunit>that would be very nice
<zacts>so guix-web would be the guile equivalent of clojurescript?
<davexunit>zacts: no, guix-web is just a web app that is written in guile.
<davexunit>and the client-side code is JavaScript.
<davexunit>if there was a guile->js compiler, then I could write that in Guile, too.
*grantix is considering messing with and condensing Skribilio's syntax.
<grantix>No idea who trivial this would be though.
<daviid>mark_weaver: hello! to be sure i understood, using 2.1 and CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Werror -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations", i see all deprecated warnings of course, but it will work [did get to guile-gnome yet], _but_ when 2.2 will really be out, it won't work anyway ? which means g-wrap not only needs love, but urgent love :)
<daviid>guilers, autotool help here... the line 76 of this file is not good because if the user compies using --program-suffix=-2.2, all executables are suffixed, including guile-config of course, and the check for guile fails: but I wonder what would be the appropriate change here, anyone?
<daviid>(b) guile-config-2.2 info guileversion returns, will that work [given the above lines 73 to 81 ?
<daviid>(c) i see 'people' using AC_SUBST(var-name), it is not clear to me why sometime why somtimes not, but in order to be able to refer to $(GUILE), do I need to add AC_SUBST(GUILE) in
<mark_weaver>daviid: if you can get g-wrap to work with current master, then it will most probably work with 2.2 when it's released.
<mark_weaver>daviid: when you added the GUILE_PROGS macro, I thought you said something about it finding guile and then not finding it, which is probably because of all the other deprecated guile-finding stuff after.
<mark_weaver>hmm, looks like g-wrap already calls GUILE_PROGS
<mark_weaver>looks like you probably need to change it to GUILE_PROGS([2.2 2.0])
<mark_weaver>by default, GUILE_PROGS only looks for 2.0 and 1.8
<daviid>mark_weaver: (a) good, i was a bit concerned, that is good news [of course the best would be to get rid of all deprecated call, but that will take time]
<mark_weaver>actually, looking at the macros, I think it can't find programs with those suffixes
<mark_weaver>I'm sorry, I just don't have time for this now. I'm severely overloaded.
<mark_weaver>a second baby was just born into my household a few days ago, on top of everything else.
<mark_weaver>I'd suggest adding a symlink for guile -> guile-2.2
<mark_weaver>ditto for guild
<daviid>[i understand, np, but let me answer and feel free to help/talk whenever you feel like it and can of course:)] (b) with the change wingo recently added, which you look at when browsing g-wrap master branch files, you see that he added GUILE_PKG([2.2 2.0])
<mark_weaver>forget what I wrote about GUILE_PROGS
<daviid>I wantede to avoid sym link, prtecisly to get the knowledge and get rid of bugs for // installkation of g-wrap, guile-gnome ...
<mark_weaver>about adding the argument to it.
<mark_weaver>this needs the attention of someone who knows something about autotools, or someone willing to learn about it.
<daviid>then i solved tempo the problem by adding this GUILE=guile-2.2 in, followed by AC_SUBST(GUILE)
<mark_weaver>the default is no suffixes, so guile is just called 'guile'. the build system of g-wrap should be based on that assumption.
<daviid>there are tons of calls like this 'guile -c' in g-wrap, i'd like to fix that first ...
<mark_weaver>or at least not based on an assumption that there's some particular suffix.
<mark_weaver>anyway, I have to go now.
<mark_weaver>good luck
<daviid>mark_weaver: ok, but what you just said does not work for // install, to me we should make it work.. i'm learning at the same time, i definitely have to study this autotool chain
<daviid>and thanks! good luck too with the baby...
<mark_weaver>daviid: what do you mean by "for // install" ?