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<wingo>greets, guilers
<ArneBab>moin wingo
<wingo>is there a mark_weaver
<wingo>whenever there is... we should do a 2.0.12 finally!
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<ArneBab>wingo: that would be great!
<ArneBab>there are some readline changes in git which I’d love to be able to use.
<civodul>wingo, mark_weaver: i think it's time to announce the potluck!
<civodul>i'll be afk at that time
<civodul>but i'll be glad to read what others have come up with when i'm back :-)
<taylanub>what happened to (ice-9 readline)? doesn't seem to be in the stable branch anymore...
<taylanub>or did it never ship with guile? getting "can't find module (ice-9 readline)" for the first time (it's been in my guilerc forever)
<civodul>taylanub: it's under guile-readline/
<saul>I have it in guile 2.0.9
<taylanub>ah, I see. wonder why I can't load the module. botched something during ./configure maybe (I just rebuilt the latest stable)
<taylanub>indeed: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lreadline" in config.log
<civodul>artyom-poptsov: howdy
<civodul>artyom-poptsov: when doing in channel-request-exec, is there a way to get the exit status of the command?
<artyom-poptsov>civodul: Hi
<artyom-poptsov>civodul: libssh provides a procedure that can do that, but I'm afraid this procedure isn't implemented in Guile-SSH 0.7.1
<artyom-poptsov>Let me take a look; I think it's easy to implement.
<civodul>artyom-poptsov: seems ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 is not supported in libssh or something
<civodul>besides, i encounter "ssh_userauth_publickey: Out of memory" when using 'userauth-public-key!'
<artyom-poptsov>IIRC, libssh 0.6.3 does not support ECDSA keys when it is compiled with GCrypt.
<nalaginrut>wingo: thanks for fix bytevector?
<nalaginrut>wingo: but it became guile- now, so that I can't configure correctly ;-)
<nalaginrut>I think there's something wrong with the version generation
<wingo>nalaginrut: yeah i need to upload a new fake tag
<daviid>hello guilers
<mark_weaver>taylanub: it is, and always has been, (ice-9 rdelim)
*mark_weaver goes afk