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<cluck>fwiw technomancy is an #emacs regular and all around nice guy
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<nalaginrut>well, I should push my 6 months daughter to commit something too...
<civodul>Howdy Guilers!
<dsmith-work>Wednesday Greetings, Guilers
<rekado>davexunit: ooh, thanks for the pointer to microscheme! I was looking for something that would work on an Atmel mc.
<ArneBab>unknown_lamer: it wasn’t really you who tanked Qi. You were just at the receiving end of the fallout done by anti-GPL propaganda.
<unknown_lamer>I kid, mostly :)
<unknown_lamer>his respond was ... perplexing
<unknown_lamer>instead of "ok, fix accidentally making all Qi programs GPL without intending to" ... "let me make it so that you literally cannot write legally distributable Qi programs at all"
<ArneBab>unknown_lamer: I understand that…
<unknown_lamer>of course, one would expect the mind that came up with Qi/Shen to be perplexing :)
<ArneBab>I’m contributing to making CC by-sa compatible to GPL (at least one-way), and in those discussions I saw quite some anti-GPL FUD.
<ArneBab>be in the wrong situation, and it’s easy to get caught up in it
<unknown_lamer>self-hating hippies
<davexunit>rekado: happy hacking :D
<ArneBab>unknown_lamer: I wouldn’t have used the word hippies - anti-commercialism is pretty widespread within net activist groups in germany, and many of these aren’t really left wing or hippie.
<ArneBab>I consider that as one of the reasons why the fight against TTIP, internet censorship and so on is so hard.
<ArneBab>not to forget the fight against unfree software
<ArneBab>(translated to “the fight for self-reliant free software structures”
<unknown_lamer>I cannot believe what hell we live in now
<unknown_lamer>16 years ago... TCPA, RestrictedBoot, monitors that enforce DRM, widespread dns blocking in *liberal european democracies* etc. were 1984esque scenarios for us
<unknown_lamer>and now everyone eats it up because hey netflix
<unknown_lamer>I hate steam especially, because half life is a crappy quake mod and quake is Free ;)
<davexunit>free software issues aside, half life 2 is pretty much the best shooter ever made.
<paroneayea>damn you davexunit, now that I have SICP installed in info format I keep reading it instead of working ;o
*davexunit puts on fez
<rekado>paroneayea: same here...
<ArneBab>unknown_lamer: I left Apple in 2004 because they included a TPM chip in a developer machine.
<ArneBab>(I left them as user)
<ArneBab>that’s 10 years ago - and then Microsoft had already published plans for all that we have today