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<zacts>hello guilians
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<cluck>zacts: we're not chocolates, we're guilders. men of guile!
*cluck ducks
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<slucx>morning nalaginrut
<daviid>hello guilers! civodul, mark_weaver unless you object, i'm going to release guile-gnome: make distcheck fails, but it does not fail the [1] test, it fails to run the test. the tarball is ok [i mean perfectly ok] and the user who will use it, once all dependencies statisfied, will configure/make/make check/make install without problem [unknown bug of course], wdyt?
<civodul>daviid: that's probably OK, but Andy is the maintainer, no?
<civodul>i would ask him
<civodul>i've never done anything in guile-gnome so i'm not really entitled :-)
<daviid>civodul: i understand: note that the logic of make distcheck is strictly identical to the one of guile [running tests from _build, _inst ...], which is why i did ask for some help, and your opinion now. for the record, andy already told me i could release [a while ago], from strict guile-gnome code point of view, but he was not aware [neither did i] there was a small make distcheck problem
*daviid should [deeply] study the autotools chain, in this life hopefully :)
<davexunit>civodul: do you think skribilo's outline-mode style markup would be suitable for writing blog posts and such, for use with a static site generator?
<civodul>it's not ideal, but it could be
<civodul>ISTR that wingo had written an org parser
<civodul>perhaps it would be better for the input syntax
<civodul>give it a try! :-)
<davexunit>oh did he?
<davexunit>I want to write blog posts in org-mode, but without any pure guile method of converting it to html, I'm hesitant.
<davexunit>I could use emacs batch mode, but I don't know if org-mode will give me what I want. HTML sans the <html><head>...</head>...</html> stuff
<civodul>perhaps it's in guile-present or something
<davexunit>yup, there it is.
<davexunit>wingo is amazing.
<davexunit>the procedure outputs sxml
<davexunit>I can adapt this and write blog posts in org-mode now, maybe. :)
<davexunit>as you can see, I'm going down a bit of a rabbit hole here, but I'm going to see if I can't quickly hack together a simple static site generator.
<davexunit>the guile potluck is coming up, right? ;)
<civodul>oh, right :-)
<civodul>well, you're ahead of time
<davexunit>ah, it's in february. that gives me some time. ;)
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<paroneayea><davexunit> I want to write blog posts in org-mode, but without any pure guile method of converting it to html, I'm hesitant.
<paroneayea>2 things
<paroneayea>1) org-mode has a really nice representation of its own syntax used when exporting
<paroneayea>you can walk over it and do all sorts of things with it
<paroneayea>it used to include a "generic" xml tree export of the file, not sure if that's still there
<paroneayea>you could also easily make an sexp one if you'd prefer
<davexunit>I'd need to use emacs batch mode, or re-implement that parser.
<paroneayea>batch mode works great
<paroneayea>and is actually fast
<paroneayea>john wiegley tested it once
<paroneayea>emacs -nw -q --batch (or whatever): faster than python and many other languages
<davexunit>I would like to avoid relying on an external program, but I may have no choice.
<paroneayea>2) clearly you should run it through guilemacs ;)
<davexunit>I might have no choice but to need some external programs
<davexunit>for example, if I were to do source code highlighting, pygments is the way to go.
<paroneayea>orgmode's export system is very nice though
<paroneayea>davexunit: emacs' html export does syntax highlighting natively
<paroneayea>using your emacs theme
<davexunit>that's cool.
<paroneayea>jessica's research
<davexunit>can org export to html without producing a full document?
<davexunit>I just want some html that I toss into a template.
<paroneayea>davexunit: I don't know the answer to that
<davexunit>okay :)
<paroneayea>davexunit: though
<paroneayea>worst comes to worst
<paroneayea>you could export to a full document, and hey, you have xhml processing tools right?
<paroneayea>you can just grab the document portion of the body
<ijp>if you were going that route, you'd be better off tweakig the exporter directly
<paroneayea>ijp: yes I agree.. hence my worst comes to worst ;)
<paroneayea>hackiest comes to hackiest )
<davexunit>I also worry about the html coming with a bunch of inline CSS that I won't want.
<paroneayea>that might be true :)
<davexunit>the world needs guile-markdown, but that's a bridge too far right now.
<stis>sneek: where is bugs
<davexunit>sneek: seen bugs
<sneek>Not as far as I can remember.