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<davexunit>ugh, there are no good javascript minifiers written in C. I want to minify javascript for a guile web application, but all the minifiers require nodejs or java.
<davexunit>guess I'll have to write one in guile ;)
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<davexunit>hey nalaginrut
<zacts>is there any known way to speed up the GUILEC build times during a guile build?
<zacts>I'm hoping it won't take much longer
<zacts>huh, now it's speeding up
<nalaginrut>zacts: that depends on the optimization of Guile, I don't think there's easy answer ;-)
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
<stis_>greetings dsmith-work:
*davexunit thinks about writing a patch review application in guile
*davexunit tosses idea into the TODO tar pit
*nalaginrut is considering a guildhall package review site...
<davexunit>I hate pull requests a la github because they encourage unclean patch sets full of "fix typo" commits or using git push --force to force the new patch set.
<davexunit>reviewing patch sets on mailing lists is better, but you miss out on a better user experience.
<nalaginrut>github is better for newbies
<davexunit>gerrit is a possibility, but I don't like what I've seen.
<sneek>Got it.
<davexunit>oh sneek
<davexunit>you are so silly sometimes
<nalaginrut>emm, hmm? sneed
<sneek>From what I understand, sneek is a good boy
<ft>I'd like both. If I can't see a diff in the mail the system sends to me, that's useless to me.
<nalaginrut>sneek is sneek
<nalaginrut>I have to go to bed, but this topic is interest
<nalaginrut>see you tomorrow
<davexunit>see ya
<dsmith-work>Ya, the bot has a sloppy nick matcher. "seen" looks like "sneek" to it.
<dsmith-work>Probably shouldn't apply that when addressing the bot.
<paroneayea>hey guilers
<davexunit>hey paroneayea
<paroneayea>hey davexunit
<sjoerd`>Is there a way to create a type in Guile without creating a smob?
<davexunit>sjoerd`: you seem to be implying that you are writing C code. is that right?
<sjoerd`>Well, actually, I want to move it out of the C code
<davexunit>in scheme, we use the define-record-type macro in (srfi srfi-9) to create new types
<sjoerd`>Thanks, I was bending my mind in the wrong direction, that's exactly what I am looking for
<rekado>huh, neither gnutls nor gnutls-devel on Fedora 21 seem to contain the guile bindings.
<mark_weaver>rekado: that's unfortunate. could you file a bug?
<mark_weaver>(with fedora)
<rekado>mark_weaver: I will try to confirm this and file a bug there.