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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<u_l-lap>hey, is there some super secret bit of code someone has lying around that can use portaudio or pulseaudio input?
<u_l-lap>I need to snoop my pulseaudio bus to control some leds
<u_l-lap> ooo
<u_l-lap>swig generated... so maybe useful and easier than writing 500+ lines of C for this 150 line guile program
<nalaginrut>IIRC, SWIG is not available for Guile2, dunno if this is changed now
<cky>nalaginrut: But g-wrap is, right?
<nalaginrut>cky: dunno, I never tried g-wrap in my code, I don't know its utility ;-P
<mark_weaver>g-wrap is definitely available for guile 2, although I don't remember if you need g-wrap from git or not.
<mark_weaver>daviid would know
<mark_weaver>g-wrap is used for the guile-gnome bindings
<nalaginrut>mark_weaver: is it a OO generator ?
*nalaginrut still no idea about what's the utility
*nalaginrut is compiling stable-2.0 for playing g-wrap example...
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<davexunit>morning guilers
*davexunit wants to rework Sly's rendering API to somewhat resemble Racket's Pict API
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
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<davexunit>thoughts on emacs's new let-alist macro?
<davexunit>useful for guile?
<davexunit>my thoughts are: just use (ice-9 match)
<davexunit>I don't really like the dotted syntax they chose.
<mark_weaver>hmm, I don't see a proper way to do that.
<mark_weaver>well, you could repurpose unquote for it..
<davexunit>hmm, yeah, with match the elements would need to be ordered.
<davexunit>unordered input would fail spectacularly
<mark_weaver>a macro can't properly find all the references within.
<mark_weaver>but you could use parameterize syntax to rebind unquote
<mark_weaver>where (unquote foo) would be expanded into (assq 'foo <alist>)
<mark_weaver>which is not as efficient, of course.
<davexunit>yeah, that would work.
<davexunit>just some food for thought. I thought it was a rather interesting macro. :)
<mark_weaver>indeed, thanks for the pointer!