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<cmhobbs>can anyone point me to information about unit testing in guile
<davexunit>cmhobbs: guile (as of version 2.0.11) ships with SRFI-64, an API for test suites.
<davexunit>I have only used it a little bit.
<davexunit>I want to use it a lot more in the future now that it's in core guile :)
<cmhobbs>so dumb question: does guile have components written in golang? i keep seeing .go files... what is that extension?
<cmhobbs>i'm building guile right now, that's where i'm seeing them. in the compilation output
<OrangeShark>cmhobbs: those are guile object files I believe
<cmhobbs>OrangeShark, that was my next though
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<taylanub>I'm testing the r7rs branch, and using Guix I just had this: it happened after I installed a new recipe in bittorrent.scm with 'make && make install', then edited the recipe again and launched that command from the source tree. it worked after I simply re-executed the same command a second time, so not sure if I'll be able to debug further. maybe there's a coredump
<Chaos`Eternal>mark_weaver, I have a new idea about errno and ffi
<Chaos`Eternal>by introducing a new proc pointers->procedure
<Chaos`Eternal>which packs multi function-pointers into one procedure in which these functions will be called in sequence
<Chaos`Eternal>since we don't just have errno, we also have h_errno, x_errno blah blah
<cmhobbs>i had the guile-2.0 packages installed on debian wheezy, i removed them with apt-get and built guile-2.0.11 from source, installed it and now when I run the guile binary, I get:
<cmhobbs>guile: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
<cmhobbs>i'm not sure how/where to get that particular object file
<davexunit>cmhobbs: when you configured guile, which prefix did you use?
<cmhobbs>i didn't give it any options, just ./configure
<cmhobbs>it looks like apt left a lot of stray files
<davexunit>so, that means you installed to /usr/local
<cmhobbs>i'm going to delete all these and see what i can do
<cmhobbs>davexunit, correct
<davexunit>you'll need to make sure that your load paths are setup properly for that
<cmhobbs>this was the solutoin to my problem:
<cmhobbs>also, i can't type i guess
<davexunit>ahhhh yeah, ldconfig!
<davexunit>I forgot about that.
<davexunit>I had to do that, too.
<jmd>In order to actually use guix, one needs to set about two dozen environment variables.
<jmd>I wonder if this ought to be a little more automated?
<davexunit>I don't find that to be the case
<Chaos`Eternal>mark_weaver, check this
<Chaos`Eternal>i made details in it
<davexunit>oops! sorry
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