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<daviid`>hello guilers
<daviid`>saul: the guile-gnome ./configure message you are refering to [while i was afk] is not releated to guile-gnome but to glib and/or 1 of its components, afaict. you should dig a little more into it looking for similar error reports on the net and how people got them solved. it probably is related to your linux distro. i'm using debian [testing]
<saul>daviid`, acknowledged. Thanks for the help.
<daviid`>debian testing, as of today, uses libglib2.0 2.42.0 and i can not reproduce this [apparently old] glib related error
<saul>I have glib2 2.36
<daviid`>welcome, good luck
<daviid`>he error message should tell you what gnome component is 'under make' while it triggers the error
<saul>It appears to be guile-gnome/glib/gnome/gobject
<daviid`>saul: guile-gnome depends on glib-2.0 >= 2.10.0 try to upgrade or downgrade, but before try to look for reported errors from people using your distro and trying to compile something using libglib2-0 2.36.0. maybe some [more] usefull info in the config.log, don't know
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