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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<nalaginrut>sneek: later tell Chaos`Eternal try get-bytevector-n!
<sneek>Got it.
<nalaginrut>sneek: you need some fix to speak when people come, now you'll wait for them talking
<sneek>Chaos`Eternal, you have 1 message.
<sneek>Chaos`Eternal, nalaginrut says: try get-bytevector-n!
<cky>nalaginrut: <-- I found this post when searching for "A NULL argv[0] was passed through an exec system call.". :-)
<cky>nalaginrut: I was doing research for this article:
<cky> <-- this one
<cky>nalaginrut: Also there's a reason why "later tell" waits for people to message before replaying the message, rather than when they join. Many IRC clients auto-reconnect when disconnected, even when the user is actually not online.
<cky>Remember that IRC is optimised for people who stay connected 24/7. ;-)
<nalaginrut> cky alright (for bot problem) ;-)
<nalaginrut>cky: and what's that quora page? seems a blog
*nalaginrut don't know about its new product
<cky>nalaginrut: Yes, it's a blog.
<cky>And yes, it's a pretty new feature.
<nalaginrut>cky: can it drag content from my external blog feed
<cky>I don't know how to do that.
<nalaginrut>well, you write blog on it directly?
<cky>I do, yes.
<nalaginrut>I ask so since I have external blog
<cky>Well, I have a Tumblr too.
<cky>In fact, my original Dysfunctional Discourse blog is
<cky>(Custom domain for
<nalaginrut>how can you handle them all ;-)
<cky>With difficulty.
<cky>My biggest gripe about Quora is that it doesn't support Markdown. Back when Posterous existed, I used to maintain a blog at Posterous too, but since both Tumblr and Posterous supported Markdown, I could just cut and paste posts.
<nalaginrut>it's too bad, but nowadays standalone blog is hard to get eyeballs
<cky>That's the nice thing about Tumblr, it's social blogging. Reminds me of LiveJournal, a bit. (But I haven't used my LJ for many years now, and neither have my friends.)
<nalaginrut>cky: for argv[0] issue, I guess it's because it's undefined in C99/89, but it's clear in C11 now
<cky>Yeah. Still, for robust programming, people should guard against it anyway.
<nalaginrut>yes, but one may forget it if the standard never mention it
<nalaginrut>till they get hurt from it ;-P
<nalaginrut>cky: do you post your article to every blogs you maintained?
<cky>Yes, and hurt they get. I mean, the example I mentioned with FreeBSD's echo(1) will cause memory scribbling.
<cky>And the Boost.Program_options example, that can potentially cause invalid memory access (since from > to, which means some implementations could attempt to copy your whole address space)).
<cky>I don't post to every blog, no. :-)
<cky>Right now I'm experimenting with using the Quora blogs as my main blogs.
<cky>Though, not sure if I would transplant my Taylor Swift blog entries to Quora. ;-)
<cky>Oooh, the presale for the next Taylor Swift concert starts tomorrow morning for US venues.
<cky>I'm so on it. I want.
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<ArneBab>moin civodul
*taylanub wonders what happened to Noah Lavine's "stallman" Scheme compiler?
<nalaginrut>hmm? I never heard of it, I just know stalin compiler...
<taylanub>you must have forgotten, because you posted in the thread :)
<taylanub>wait, wrong link...
<nalaginrut>oh, argv[0] again
*nalaginrut is reading the second
<nalaginrut>alright, it's 3 years, seems I got bad memory ;-P
<nalaginrut>not sure about the status, but according to the design, I think it needs new backend of 2.2
<nalaginrut>so I suspect the status is suspended before releasing master
<nalaginrut>and the type-checked Tree-IL...hmm...
<adhoc>implementing rsr5
<adhoc>isn't rsr7 being worked on at the moment?
<taylanub>adhoc: you mean R5RS and R7RS, respectively? Guile is R5RS compliant, and there's a development branch that works on R7RS compliance.
<nalaginrut>I guess he means Stallman?
*nalaginrut think maybe the command would be 'rms compile hello.scm -o hello
<nalaginrut>Compiler Error! RMS: I don't compile non-GPL code!
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<adhoc>taylanub: pah. yes.
<adhoc>its been a long day
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<saul>What happened to GNOME Development Platform in Gnome 3?
<saul>Is guile-gnome only compatible with Gnome 2 (currently)?
<mark_weaver>saul: guile-gnome has not yet been updated for Gnome 3
<daviid>hello guilers! hi mark_weaver
<daviid>happy friday all of course :)
<ArneBab>mark_weaver: did you catch the wisp release? ⇒ wget; tar xf wisp-0.8.0.tar.gz ; cd wisp-0.8.0/; ./configure; make check; guile -L . --language=wisp tests/factorial.w
<saul>mark_weaver, thanks for the response. The page to which I linked should probably be "updated" as the following hyperlink on it is a dead end:
<daviid>saul: any more specific question? guile-gnome is [very slowly] maintained, though as far as gtk is concerned, it still binds gtk2. not sure what you're up to but guile-gnome is alive
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<saul>daviid, I am just trying to build it. I have not had much success with it lately (not since about 2.02).
*saul is using Slackware so does not have the full Gnome stack installed.
<mark_weaver>ArneBab: congrats on the new release!
<ArneBab>mark_weaver: thanks!
<saul>daviid, during ./configure of guile-gnome, I receive an error that I do not have g-wrap-2.0-guile installed. I am not able to find the source for that (I only found g-wrap-1.9.14).
<saul>Any ideas were to find g-wrap-2.0?
<daviid>saul: sorry was of keyboard. you need to install these from git [g-wrap, guile-cairo and guile-gnome], what is you email, i wrote a basic install help for new comers
<daviid>for guile-gnome, you'll need to checkout the devel branch, not the master
<daviid>are you familiar with git?
<daviid>no need to be an expert here, very basic knowledga is ok
<daviid>saul: have to go right now, but will be back 'episodically' during the all day. send me an email: david at altosw dot be i'll send you insdtall tips and trick
<saul>daviid, I checked out devel but ./configure produced the same error. Guess I will have to break down and read the docs.
<ArneBab>mark_weaver: this was the last blocker I saw for the SRFI, so I hope I’ll get to submit an SRFI in the next weeks.
<ArneBab>mark_weaver: once I have the SRFI text in a shape I like, could you take a look at the initial text before I submit it?
<saul>FWIW/TWIMC/NFN, I installed g-wrap and guile-cairo from GIT and am now past the ./configure in guile-gnome. Currently receiving a "Only <glib.h> can be included directly" error during make.
<saul>I am going to step away from things for a while.
<davexunit>erlang mailing list post, by someone who apparently uses guile for internal tools at their company:
<sneek>Welcome back davexunit, you have 1 message.
<sneek>davexunit, ArneBab__ says: Thanks!
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