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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<nalaginrut>maybe we need a CommonTypeSystem just like in .net, for multi-lang.... alas...
<cky>What, for Guile 2.2?
<nalaginrut>yup ;-P
<nalaginrut>cky: or how can you support multi-lang ;-)
<cky>nalaginrut: Well, right now we have a "common type system", it's just what's common between Scheme and elisp. :-P
<nalaginrut>I'll call it CBBTLTS(common but biased toward Lisp type system) ;-P
<zRecursive>Sorry! i still can NOT understand why people study Scheme when there is GREAT CL which produces many Real World app(s) i.e. Maxima, G2, stumpwm ...
<nalaginrut>zRecursive: I think it's unrelated, there're many projects written in C too
<rekado_>just popping in to say that I find the guile info pages to be excellent!
<davexunit>yeah, they are pretty awesome :)
<paroneayea>yes the guile manual is great
<paroneayea>it has more than I realized at first.. the top of the emacs info manual has everything splatted out at once
<paroneayea>the guile manual looks like it has less from the toplevel, but there's so much in there
<davexunit>I always traverse the manual by pressing 'i' in emacs info mode and typing in keywords.
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<davexunit>happy friday!
<cky>Happy Friday indeed. :-)
*wingo wrote a jpeg decoder in scheme, la la la
<rlb>for those interested, emacs24 24.4 has been uploaded to debian *experimental*
<rlb>we're not sure yet if it'll make it in to jessie (i.e. move to unstable anytime soon)
<daviid>hello guilers! wingo, ping: [ sorry to bother you but I'm stuck in (detached from fa1a307) and scared :) to remain there too long :) ]
<daviid>wingo: also, I'd like to merge guile-gnome devel -> to master and release 2.16.3, any objection ?
<daviid>finally, I'm ready with clutter-1.12.2 _but_ the doc, there is a bug in gtk-doc.scm that I'd like not to have to deal with. because of that i'd like to merge clutter-devel -> clutter, then tag with clutter-1.12.2-doc-1.10 [ ot something like that] and release as well
<wingo>sure regarding guile-gnome
<wingo>and clutter
<wingo>tx for reminder about the guile issue too
<daviid>ok, tx, will do
<daviid>wingo: the generating doc bug was reported here
<daviid>it could well be that if you look at it you find a solution in a couple of minutes [it seams to be a character related problem...] thge bug was reported while generating clutter-glx, but it triggers exactly thew 'same' error on clutter itself ...
<daviid>so maybe a source doc coding related question, dont know