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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<cky>nalaginrut: Hey, I saw a convo of yours two weeks ago, looking at scrollback. :-)
<cky>nalaginrut: ->PM
<nalaginrut>cky: I don't understand ;-)
<nalaginrut>oh, message?
<nalaginrut>hmm...seems I can't scrollback more, where's the log?
<cky>My IRC client keeps logs, which is what I'm reading.
<nalaginrut>cky: can you post it here?
<cky>Anyway, I'll mention more in the private message.
<nalaginrut>please pm me
<ArneBab>moin nalaginrut
<nalaginrut>heya ArneBab
<naboo>hi, is there any solution to convert string from one encoding to another?
<taylanub>naboo: (info "(guile) Representing Strings as Bytes")
<taylanub>naboo: if you're in Emacs, you can open that info page by going to after the final ')' with your cursor and hitting C-x C-e. otherwise here's a web version:
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<naboo>taylanub: ofcourse ;]
<davexunit>morning guilers
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<mark_weaver>naboo: I replied to your question on guile-user (assuming that was you)
<naboo>mark_weaver: thanks, indeed that was me ;-)