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<davexunit>what are the ways of doing partial application of procedures in guile?
<davexunit>the `cut' macro sort of fits the bill.
<davexunit>javascript functions have a `bind' method that is useful for partial application.
<stis>hej guilers!
<dsmith-work>stis: Hej hej
<taylanub>davexunit: `cut' is the most common way I think, and relatively standard (SRFI). I think a while ago a bunch of macros were added to Guile, named ^<letters> for all one- to three-letter permutations <letters>, so you can do e.g. (^xyz (+ x (- y z))), and also a sole ^ stands for lambda so you can (^() blah)
<davexunit>taylanub: thanks
*taylanub trying to find out where/when those were added...
<taylanub>not sure if this was pushed after all