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<bipt>taylanub, good catch. perhaps the printer should print unknown scheme objects as #<scheme ...> or something
<sneek>Welcome back bipt, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>bipt, taylanub says: in the latest wip commit of your guile repo, `eval-tree-il' is missing in module/language/tree-il/eval.scm. (I just defined it to (lambda (x) (eval1 x '())) and it seems to work; you'd know if that's correct.)
<sneek>bipt, taylanub says: also, module/language/elisp/runtime.scm misses #:use-module (language tree-il eval)
<sneek>bipt, taylanub says: Elisp prints Scheme's null as "()", which however is read back in as nil. Probably it should print as something different to avoid this; possibly something that we will also make the reader understand. False is printed as "#f" which will just make the reader error.
<taylanub>sorry for the flood :)
<bipt>i didn't do it that way because i was thinking of objects that already print as #<...>, but it would keep things like #f, vectors, etc. from slipping through
<taylanub>BTW if you have time you might want to check if I've written anything wrong in
<bipt>or maybe a new reader-macro for reading a single scheme object? interacting with scheme is super-annoying right now due to disjoint string types and the like
<taylanub>oh, didn't know strings are still different
<bipt>taylanub, i will, and thanks for the refactoring! it looks a lot more useful now
<taylanub>it's a pleasure :)
<bipt>yes, emacs actually uses a superset of unicode encoded as extended utf-8 internally
<bipt>apparently 2,097,152 characters aren't enough for some users :)
<taylanub>Emacs does some weird things...
<taylanub>I'll be sleeping, laters
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<ArneBab>question: how could this have been guile?
<dje42>Good question. He says he tried various Schemes, but he doesn't mention Guile.
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