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<DXanatos>taylanub, doesn't dynamic scope sort of ruin the idea of hygienic macros like that?
<ijp>how so?
<ijp>first off, emacs has (optional) lexical scoping, which is becoming more common
<ijp>now, if you have a hygienic macro written in scheme, then it will remain so even if you used it in elisp
<ijp>the identifiers don't capture, and aren't captured, and they use the scoping rules of the language they were written in
<ijp>a hygienic macro written in elisp, used in scheme might be trickier
<ijp>but since elisp variables are parameters, which are in turn lexically scoped, I don't see there being a problem
<ijp>for hygienic elisp macros in elisp, the only problem is top level defined variables, I think
<ijp>I'm not sure, but I don't think it will be a problem
<ijp>we'll see soon enough
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<very_phallic>taylanub, say, for what reason is the entire dynamic environment actually needed for re-raising, all raise relies on in its dynamic environment is the exception handler right?
<taylanub>very_phallic: so that the next handler can look at values in the dynamic environment, which might give a clue for the reason of the error/exception
<taylanub>very_phallic: might I ask you to use a nick that won't weird people out, if you're going to spend time in here?
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