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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<zacts>morning nalaginrut
<nalaginrut>someone suggest add rfc2324 to Artanis...
<nalaginrut>and I'm going to add it in a low priority...
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<ft>‘format’ seems to issue a warning with ~:p plural expansions. ⇒ (format #t "~d block~:p~%" 1) → ;;; <stdin>:2:0: warning: "~d block~:p~%": wrong number of `format' arguments: expected 2, got 1
<ft>It does work correctly, though.
<ft>From the manual: "~:p" re-uses the preceding argument instead of taking a new one.
<ft>I think it's happening in module/language/tree-il/analyze.scm in ‘format-analysis’ and more precisely in ‘check-format-args’...
<ijp>report it to bug-guile, but you'll probably find there is quite a few options that format checker doesn't handle write
<ft>I was hoping that ‘format’ issued the warning itself, in which case I hoped that the fix was simple. :)
<ijp>if it was format, you'd have got an error, not a warning