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<zacts>I'm wondering about working on guilemacs eventually..
<zacts>I'm currently working on a chicken (scheme) text editor, but guilemacs sounds cool.
<zacts>and what other project ideas do people have, or what projects are people working on?
<zacts>I would like to apply what I'm learning with (scheme) to something useful to others
<zacts>I know of guix, and I plan on contributing to that, but other stuff would be cool too
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<nalaginrut>ArneBab_: I've heard that German government will drop Linux and take up Windows again, is it truth?
<taylanub>nalaginrut: a quick Google gives a couple results
<taylanub>"Update: While the deputy mayor of Munich seems to suggest in the article that the government will strongly consider a return to Windows, it appears a final decision to move from the Linux OS has not yet been officially determined."
<taylanub>"When the whole world is working with a standard program, then it is important that we are on the same system."
<taylanub>read: successful vendor lock-in
<taylanub>and Microsoft News shamelessly claims that GNU+Linux doesn't support standard formats. well, OOXML or whatever MS's office format was called was successfully lobbied into a standard, wasn't it?
<nalaginrut>well, it may cause a bad case for other countries
<nalaginrut>Chinese government is trying to get rid of M$
<nalaginrut>and there're some localized distros volunteers
<nalaginrut>things are getting better these days, but could be destroyed by today's story
<dsmith-work>Hey hey