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<taylanub>Debian installed an .so to /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, but `dynamic-link' doesn't seem to look there. I can "fix" it by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH but that's probably the wrong solution. any tips?
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<sxprrr>does guile have plans to ever have a builtinn system for modules? .guilerc would be easy enough to accomplish, and it seems like a lot of popular guile apps would benefit from having an easy extensible ecosystem
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<dkordic>sxprrr: What are You trying to say.
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
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<dsmith>sneek guile help
<sneek>guile help <something>
<dsmith>sneek guile help cons
<sneek>`cons' is a procedure in the (guile) module.
<sneek>- Scheme Procedure: cons x y
<sneek> Return a newly allocated pair whose car is X and whose cdr is Y.
<sneek> The pair is guaranteed to be different (in the sense of `eq?') from
<sneek> every previously existing object.