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***fangism is now known as fangism-hauwngry
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<b4283>Happy Friday 1
*add^_ waits for dsmith-work to say happy friday
<wleslie>Happy Friday dsmith!
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<add^_>Happy Friday!
*add^_ has been waiting for this
<daviid>happy friday dsmith-work ! and guilers... bbl
<davexunit>happy friday!
<janneke>happy friday!
<civodul>Happy Firday! :-)
*wingo building a persistent bitset for use in the compiler; still tracking down complexity issues
<civodul>wingo: sounds cool!
<civodul>you need to tell us the O(n²) story and its end, BTW :-)
<wingo>yes i am working on telling that, but i need a good ending :)
***fangism-hauwngry is now known as fangism
<add^_>argh, yet again, I've forgotten how to "indent" the (library ...) with two spaces instead of whatever is the standard..
<add^_>please, tell me how :-(
<add^_>(in emacs)
<ijp>(put 'indent 'scheme-indent-function LEVEL)
<ijp>I think LEVEL is 3 or 4
<add^_>thanks ijp :-D
<ijp>hmm, no, 1 might be best
<ijp>I was counting the IMPORT, EXPORT forms but it's probably best not to treat them differently
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*janneke is fighting with the lalr parser
<daviid>woh's winning?
<ijp>I think that's obvious
<civodul>janneke: how's the LilyPond migration to 2.0 going?