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<mgsk>Hi, all.
<mgsk>Has anyone managed to get guile-figl working on mac?
<davexunit>mgsk: I haven't, but the project is now called guile-opengl
<davexunit>perhaps trying that release tarball with help
<daviid>mgsk: don't know, but it's now guile-opengl
<davexunit>I'm not an os x user, so I haven't tested it there. works like a charm on gnu/linux. :)
<daviid>ohw, didn't see your answer davexunit sorry :)
<davexunit>daviid: all good
<mgsk>davexunit: cheers, I'll try it
<davexunit>our names are so similar that it's like one answer.
<daviid>haha, yes indeed
<mgsk>daviid: thanks to you too :]
<mgsk>Same error... "ERROR: In procedure dynamic-link: file: "libGLU", message: "file not found""