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<kevinfish>can anyone get guile-reader to install in gentoo?
<kevinfish>it keeps saying that it needs 1.8.x or higher but I have guile 1.8.8 installed
<kevinfish>here's the build log:
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<sneek> 01:29:48 up 11 days, 22:59, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05
<wleslie>was she having some problems?
<dsmith>Yes. But now seems nice and comfy in it's new home.
<dsmith>(beaglebone black)
<dsmith>sneek, seen rlb
<sneek>rlb was here Apr 28 at 09:24 pm UTC, saying: i.e. at a minimum make sure your "foo" has some way to clean it up other than the finalizer..
<wleslie>wow beaglebone
<wleslie>you repurposed the qube?
<dsmith>No, it' still sitting there.
<dsmith>I was using an rpi for a while, but the SD card kept crashing (different cards)
<dsmith>The black seems much more reliable. So far.
<dsmith>Seems quite a bit faster too.
<dsmith>No measurements though, just subjective.
<wleslie>yes, they are much more powerful
<wleslie>I have a pi, but I haven't put to to use yet. Really, it wants to be used for robotics, but I'll probably use it as a small server for media or something.
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