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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<wingo>meep meep
*wingo back in the europe
*wleslie walks back in with an anvil embedded in his face
<wingo>walk into the club like ...
<civodul>welcome back, wingo
<lloda>ot, is 'struct { double a; double b; } x[10];' standard C?
<wingo>lloda: i think so
<lloda>thanks. i don't have a good feeling for how constructive C syntax is or isn't
<madsy_>lloda: It is. It defines variable x immediately
<lloda>thanks madsy_, i'd normally do struct X { ... }; X x[10], but it was a one-off and I wondered.
<madsy_>lloda: However, when you do it that way, the struct type is in the struct namespace.
<madsy_>So any new instances of type X must be defined as "struct X foo = { .. };"
<madsy_>Instead of just "X foo = { .. };"
<madsy_>I guess you could call it the namespace for tags, since the same namespace is used for structs, enums and unions.
<lloda>it was C++ so X foo = { .. }; would have worked, but I didn't actually know that about C
<madsy_>lloda: Ok, but you asked if it was C, not C++, so :-)
<lloda>right, my bad
<dsmith-work>Hey hey
<dje42>I was looking into the libgc 7.4.0 bug and noticed guile's workaround test a macro I couldn't find in libgc sources.
<dje42>gc.c tests GC_ALPHA_VERSION but libgc calls it GC_VERSION_MICRO IIUC.
<dje42>undefined macros are equal to zero so the current test will match any 7.4.x. IIUC ofcourse :-)