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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<stis>hej civodul:
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<dje42>Anyone have an opinion on the spelling of Eqv? in the docs? E.g. @var{Eqv?} is ... in r5rs.texi. I realize it's done that way so that the sentence begins with a capital letter, but Ugh.
<dje42>How would you fix it?
<civodul>hey dje42
<civodul>dje42: r5rs is not under "our" control, so to speak
<civodul>it's read-only
<civodul>but yeah, i understand your concern
<dje42>I think there are other similar examples, that's just the first I picked.
<civodul>if there are some in guile.texi, i agree we should fix them
<dje42>Sometimes I see @var{Foo} instead of @var{foo}.
<civodul>in r5rs?
<civodul>but note that r5 is case-insensitive
<dje42>r5rs.texi has most of them alright. There's @var{Body} in srfi-modules.texi.
<civodul>aah, that one is a mistake, patch welcome here :-)
<dje42>IMO no patch required. Just wondering how everyone else feels.
<civodul>well, i can live with it, but i can understand why one would prefer consistent casing
<dje42>Well, for this one, yeah, @var{Body} isn't the best.
<dje42>My patch would be to change it to @var{body} though ... doubt y'all would accept that. :)
<dje42>[IOW, given that it will be italicized the lack of capitalization doesn't bother me.] gdb is/was (though will continue to be, I predict) as massive violator of this English rule.
<civodul>but one could argue there's a typesetting rule that overrides the English rule
<civodul>that is, since the language is case-sensitive, it's important to preserve the case
<civodul>so i'd be fine with the change to @var{body}
<dje42>Interesting. thx