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<davexunit>wingo: I noticed that FTP is still messed up for guile-opengl. Do you remember the URL you gave me awhile ago to the 0.1 tarball?
<wingo>davexunit: ah, i need to retry now that that has gone through
<wingo>probably or so
<davexunit>wingo: thank you. I found some people discussing guile-2d somewhere and having trouble with getting it installed, so this will help greatly. :)
<wingo>i just tried to upload again; perhaps it will work this time
<wingo>there's a half-hour delay, so we'll see in a bit
<davexunit>cool. fingers crossed.
<davexunit>wingo: awesome!
<lamefun>can I do (fn (peek-char) (peek-char)) and expect chars to be in order?
<taylanub>lamefun: No. (let* ((char1 (peek-char)) (char2 (peek-char))) (fn char1 char2))
<lamefun>also is there (read) that annotates each element in what it read with line/column?
<lamefun>otherwise Scheme lists are kind of useless for eg. config storage if I can't give the user an error location
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<davexunit>hey guilers