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<neiljerram>Morning all. Lovely day here in London.
<neiljerram>I wonder if anyone has thoughts or advice on implementing a dbus service in Guile...
<wingo>no advice :/ isn't there a new-ish protocol version now?
<wingo>perhaps i am misremembering
<neiljerram>Specifically I'd like to implement a connman agent (
<neiljerram>I'm not aware of any protocol version changes.
<wingo>i don't think there are any bindings. you could use guile-gnome for its main loop if you bind the glib dbus thing
<neiljerram>There have been various C level implementations, and mindshare now seems to be mostly around the gdbus one.
<neiljerram>Also there's the current discussion about kdbus, i.e. moving part of the infrastructure into the kernel, but I don't think that will affect the interface as userspace sees it.
<neiljerram>I guess I'm really wondering more about good API and interface, than bindings. I've successfully done quite a lot of client-side stuff using the FFI and gdbus libraries - but it's less obvious how to construct a nice Schemey interface for a service object...
<neiljerram>Also I suppose I was hoping that someone might already have done this :-)
<neiljerram>For example, Python has a class-based infrastructure where you can implement a service just by inheriting from the right class and decorating the methods that should be dbus-accessible.
<neiljerram>Perhaps I should try to build something like that using GOOPS?
<wingo>that would be very nice :)
<wingo>could be fun, could be a big timesink; depends on what your goals are :)
<neiljerram>Well it's part of playing with my GTA04 phone... and my timescales are very long :-)
<neiljerram>Cool, I'll give that approach a go. If it works, I should then have a nice complete set of dbus function.
<neiljerram>Thanks for help! I'll stay online, but heading off to work elsewhere in house for a while now...
<wingo>cool, happy hacking :)
<wingo>hoo, our setitimer interface is horrific...
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<stis>evening guilers!
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<madsy>Woah.. the (ice-9 documentation) feature could need some improvement. It locks Emacs here when the documentation is big enough :(
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