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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<add^_>Hey civodul
<add^_>How are you?
<madsy>hey :)
<add^_>Hello madsy :-)
<Sleep_Walker>do you have some examples of real life use of guile?
<Sleep_Walker>as I'm learning documentation, tutorials, all the exercises are quite academical and artificial...
<add^_>You make your own limits, why should we limit you by giving you "real life" examples? ;-)
<Sleep_Walker>lets say I need to stimulate my fantasy :b
<Sleep_Walker>I know for which task I'd use C, C++, python, perl, bash, but I have no idea where to use scheme/guile...
<Fulax>web applications?
<add^_>I can't really say I'm good on the ideas myself :-/
<Fulax>there are many usages, depending on your needs and comfort. I usually write some scripts I could write in bash in scheme
<add^_>I'm not really "everything has it's own place" when it comes to scheme, it basically covers anything I can think of.. I mean, maybe I consider C when it comes to extreme speed and I have the time (and energy) to write code for long before I can get a result.
<add^_>Like, say, an OS..
<Fulax>(but not with guile, I'm more used to another scheme dialect for system programming)
<add^_>Fulax: which one?
<Fulax>add^_: bigloo
<Fulax>the system interface is quite neat
<add^_>I thought it'd be s48
<add^_>but I haven't actually tried out bigloo
<Fulax>its very similar to C for the interface
<add^_>although I've heard good things about it
<Fulax>and native compilation is cool for scripts :p
<add^_>I bet
<add^_>I think guile works just fine for scripts too thuogh
<Fulax>I know too little about guile yet
<add^_>I wish I could help you Sleep_Walker, but I think you are better off asking civodul, wingo or
<Fulax>Sleep_Walker: civodul has written a complete package manager in guile, called guix
<Sleep_Walker>...I don't want to bother...
<add^_>I can't remember how mark_weaver spells his nick (I don't think that's it)
<Sleep_Walker>Fulax: I know - I created packages for guix and was interested in guile... that's how I came here 2 days ago :)
<add^_>Wait, you come here asking, but you don't want to "bother" anyone? :-P For one, it's not bothersome, and if it were, we wouldn't answer anyway.
<add^_>E.g, we don't mind you asking! Just go ahead!
<Sleep_Walker>add^_: there is difference between asking on channel and asking using nick...
<davexunit>Scheme is a multi-paradigm language. You can do a lot of different tasks with it.
<add^_>hey davexunit
<davexunit>Guile is quite an efficient implementation of it.
<add^_>good timing
<davexunit>I use it to write 2d games, it powers wingo's website, you know that guix uses it, and so does the init system for guix, dmd.
<Sleep_Walker>is it possible to share modules between different scheme implementations?
<davexunit>yes, there's a notion of "portable" Scheme
<davexunit>I write my code using whatever guile supports and some guile specific standard libraries, but if you limit yourself to the core language (r5rs, r6rs, etc.) you can write portable code.
<davexunit>I just have no experience with that.
<add^_>wow, I wonder how ijp would react if/when he sees this conversation xD
<davexunit>I believe ijp has several modules of his own that are written in a portable way.
<add^_>He's not on now, but he might read the logs.
<add^_>Yes, exactly
<davexunit>ijp and the guile maintainers can do a far better job explaining this point.
<add^_>He is a portable-scheme-fan :-)
<add^_>Actually, I am too, but not nearly as good at it..
<add^_>Oh well
<add^_>davexunit: how's guile-2d progressing?
<Sleep_Walker>OK, I'm thinking about some configurable web site walker (HTML parsing, XPath addresing, HTTP protocol) - it may be nice exercise for learning guile
<Sleep_Walker>perl would be the easy choice, python would be maintainable choice, let's see guile! :)
<add^_>Maybe I should learn python again some day :-/
<add^_>"again" is kinda wrong... "better" would be a better choice of words.
<add^_>But scheme does everything that python does, so I don't really need to :-(
<davexunit>add^_: it's going pretty well. I have docs to write, a website to make, and a screencast to record.
<davexunit>in addition to some source code tweaks.
<add^_>If that means what I think it impies, you've gotten quite far!
<davexunit>I have a couple of modules that need some love before the next release.
<davexunit>I will release 0.2 some time after guile 2.0.10 drops.
<Sleep_Walker>guile-2d is using some SDL, X11, FB, GTK, ...?
<davexunit>sdl, opengl, freeimage, ftgl
*davexunit goes afk for a bit
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: wingo and nalaginrut use it for weblogs, notably with the tekuti blog engine
<civodul>Guix uses Guile's web client, GnuTLS bindings, an FTP client
<civodul>a bunch of "real life" modules ;-)
<Sleep_Walker>I'm looking inside modules now...
***araujo is now known as Guest54845
*davexunit is making a quick and dirty homepage for guile-2d with bootstrap.
<civodul>it's not dirty if it uses Bootstrap ;-)
<davexunit>I suppose you're right.
<davexunit>in any case, I just made pizza dough. ;)
<civodul>oh, nice :-)
<civodul>DIY pizza
<davexunit>turns out to be really easy!
<civodul>we do it sometimes but get dough from the bakery
<civodul>i guess we should try to do it all the way
<davexunit>the dough only took me about 10 minutes to make.
<civodul>oh, ok
<davexunit>flour + salt + yeast + olive oil + water
<davexunit>mix, knead, done. :)
<davexunit>you just have to give it time to rise, of course.
<civodul>heh, noted :-)