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<eg0>omg the make-serial-number-generator example in the guile manual is awesome
<eg0>i never knew you could do that
<eg0>just by returning a lambda like that
<dsmith>eg0, The lispers call that "let over lambda"
<taylanub>That phrase always reminds me of the book instead because that's where I first heard it.
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<davexunit>does guile have vectors that dynamically expand?
<dje42>Guile exports scm_t_port, yet confines setvbuf to file ports. Is there a particular reason?
<dje42>[Or, can we add a setvbuf for non-fports?]
<dje42>davexunit: vlist?
<dje42>[maybe not exactly the same]
<davexunit>I was looking to use a weak vector
<davexunit>but I'm going to try an alternate approach.
<taylanub>davexunit: I suppose you could (ab)use hash-tables for dynamic-size weak vectors.
<taylanub>Wait, never mind, I suppose you can't just get a vector of the keys with consistent ordering.
<taylanub>(That works for sets, not vectors ...)