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<mark_weaver>dsmith-work: wow, dials with hex numbers. damn!
<mark_weaver>My first real computer was an Apple ][ plus, on which I did some programming in 6502 assembly, but that's about as far back as I go.
<mark_weaver>before that I did some programming in BASIC on a TRS-80 model 1, and also the TRS-80 pocket computer.
*davexunit is attempting to use guile-wm.
<mark_weaver>as for low-level hardware stuff, I designed and built a simple microcode-based CPU out of simple TTL chips once.
<dsmith-work>mark_weaver: Ah cool. I always wanted to do that.
<mark_weaver>and also a memory expansion board for the VME bus. both of these were for a digital circuit design course in school.
<davexunit>does anyone have the link to the guile-wm website?
<davexunit>I can't seem to find the place where it was posted before
<davexunit>and search engines are failing me.
<dsmith-work>It's in the email...
<dsmith-work>hang on..
<davexunit>dsmith-work: thanks. thunderbird's search feature was really failing me. it's not very good.
<dsmith-work>Does anyone remember if Mark Witmer was ever in here, and what his nick is? civodul was asking the other day.
<davexunit>I swear I've seen him in here before. maybe mwitmer?
<dsmith-work>sneek: seen mwitmer
<sneek>Not as far as I can remember.
<davexunit>sneek: seen markwitmer
<sneek>Sorry, no.
<mark_weaver>I searched my logs for "witmer" and didn't find anything. If he's ever been on #guile, I didn't realize it was him
<dsmith-work>davexunit: Ya, I vaguely remember him (or someone) mentioning the guile-xcb stuff as he was startign out on it.
<dsmith-work>Well I'm off to CA. See ya later guilers.
<aleix>sneek: seen me
<sneek>Not as far as I can remember.
<aleix>sorry... :-)
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<kurohin>why does #:optional need to be before #:key arguments when using (define* ?
<TaylanUB>kurohin: Otherwise it's ambiguous or so I think.
<TaylanUB>Did you read (info "(guile) lambda* and define*") ?
<kurohin>yes but I did not really understand why
<kurohin>I guess I should take a look at define*, then it might become clear to me why.
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<dsmith>Hey hey
<mark_weaver>kurohin: well, optional arguments (if present) have to come before keyword arguments.
<mark_weaver>s/(if present) //
<mark_weaver>remember that keywords are just normal datums, like #t or 4.5. if they are found in a place that would be a required or optional argument, then they are not interpreted specially.
<dsmith>mark_weaver, The other day you expressed disappointment with the rpi. Is there an alternative that you like better?
<davexunit>the beaglebone seems to be somewhat better from a freedom perspective.
<dsmith>davexunit, Thanks. Looks interesting
<mark_weaver>I haven't looked closely at the Improv, but maybe worth a look.
<mark_weaver>If it were me, I'd use a Loongson 2F machine if possible.
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