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<kurohin>is there any place for me to report it as a bug?
<mark_weaver>make sure to include the exact commands you're using to build the extension.
<kurohin>ofcourse, with OS, versions....
<kurohin>damn, now it works.
<mark_weaver>heh, well, that's good, I guess? :)
<kurohin>don't like it when I don't understand why, at least I have found a difference between a working and a non working library.
<mark_weaver>what's the difference?
<mark_weaver>can you find a way to reproduce the problem?
<kurohin>maybe, working on it.
<kurohin>when running nm on the library that works i get this U scm_i_new_smob@@GUILE_2.0
<kurohin>00000000000009b9 W scm_new_smob
<kurohin>non working i get this: U scm_i_new_smob
<kurohin> U scm_lfwrite
<kurohin> U scm_make_smob_type
<kurohin>0000000000001120 W scm_new_smob
<kurohin>the scm_i_new_smob is without the @@GUILE_2.0
<mark_weaver>what commands did you use to build the working and non-working libraries?
<mark_weaver>what is the difference in the build procedure?
<kurohin>the thing i do different is that the working is compiled and linked in one step, the nonworking i first compile 2 files and then link them together
<kurohin>"gcc -shared -o $@ -I/usr/include/guile/2.0 -fPIC scm_new_smob_problem.cpp -lguile-2.0" works
<kurohin>g++ -I /usr/include/guile/2.0 -fPIC -c -o src/lib/types.o src/lib/types.cpp
<kurohin>g++ -I /usr/include/guile/2.0 -fPIC -c -o src/lib/functions.o src/lib/functions.cpp
<kurohin>g++ -shared -o -fPIC -lguile-2.0 src/lib/types.o src/lib/functions.o
<kurohin> does not
<mark_weaver>another difference there is 'gcc' vs 'g++'
<mark_weaver>what happens if you do the non-working one again, but with s/g++/gcc/
<kurohin>yes, I noticed that too, now.
<kurohin>tried it, and it still does not work.
<kurohin>also tried to move the -lguile-2.0 flag to the end, did not help
<mark_weaver>I'm not sure that linking with -lguile-2.0 is needed here, anyway.
<kurohin>I saw some example without and some examples with, the other functions have no problem linking without.
<mark_weaver>civodul would be a better person to look at this. his recent work on Guix has made him quite familiar with the finer points of linking.
<mark_weaver>well, wingo too.
<mark_weaver>if you could send a bug report to with the exact commands used that work and don't work, along the accompanying source code so that we can reproduce the same thing on our end, that would be very helpful.
<kurohin>will have to work more on a example. While I was construncting the example I found the way that works.
<kurohin>will have to wait a while, time to put the little one to bed.
<mark_weaver>okay :)
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