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<dje42>Is there a way for a smob print routine to know if it is being printed with ~A or ~S ?
<dje42>Hmmm. scm_print_state.writingp ?
<civodul>dje42: yes, but that's not really part of the public API
<dje42>Seems like smob printers could make use of display/write, just like any other object.
<civodul>hmm yeah
<civodul>display/write only makes a difference for strings and chars
<dje42>I imagine it to be the generalized notion of machine-readable vs human-readable.
<dje42>In the end I may abandon it though. For now I'm just playing with it.
<civodul>yeah, perhaps that could be useful as a general mechanism
<civodul>do you have a particular use case in mind?
<dje42>gdb values
<dje42>E.g. if I have 42 in a gdb value smob, I could print it as <gdb:value 42> or just 42.
<dje42>Plus I was also playing with display invoking a "pretty-printer" for a gdb value or printing the value in gdb "raw" format.
<dje42>I'm not sure I *like* the choice. Again, just playing with it.
<civodul>seems to me that you could have an accessor for gdb values
<civodul>(well you probably have one)
<civodul>so you would do (display (value-of v)), where v is a gdb-value object
<dje42>I currently don't have anything that will return a Scheme value for a gdb value, though I do have the opposite. The former is todo.
<civodul>ah ok
<dje42>Certainly one way to go though.
<civodul>hmm actually converting from gdb-value to Scheme cannot be done in the general case
<civodul>like if you have a C struct or something
<civodul>i was thinking of the Guile debugging support in GDB, which i had played with
<dje42>I remember playing with it ages and ages ago. It's gone now.
<civodul>it was not too beautiful ;-)
<civodul>relying on the inferior to do things, etc.
<civodul>good night/day!
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<dje42>Yay, my gdb+guile pretty-printer test passes.
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<add^_>Hello civodul
<dje42>Does Guile have anything like atexit?
<dsmith>dje42, exit-hooj might serve
<dsmith>dje42, It's not in the manual but (apropos "hook") shows it
<dsmith>dje42, Though I think that might only be available from the repl
<add^_>I wonder if trying out GNU/Hurd would be a good idea.
<add^_>I mean, why the heck not?
<youlysses>add^_: For what?
<dsmith>add^_, There are some people in here that mess about with it I think. Can't remember who though...
<add^_>Maybe I should use it in a vm first..
<add^_>Or I'll just wait
<add^_>That works too