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<stis>Morning guilers!
<meguli__>Good morning.
<davexunit>happy sunday guilers.
<davexunit>stormy day here in boston.
<davexunit>read wingo's mailing lists posts about 2.2 and planning for native compilation. guile development is very exciting.
<stis>indeed, it feels that it is the right path to take.
<davexunit>I could use some help with streams.
<davexunit>I can understand streams enough to define an infinite series like the geometric series with them.
<davexunit>but now I'm trying to expand upon this and use a stream for application key presses.
<davexunit>every time a key is pressed, I want to be able to fetch the key from the stream. Am I trying to abuse streams for this purpose?
<taylanub>Hi :)