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<youlysses>Wow, so-far this text is basically just turning out a general outline.
<youlysses>Which is probably the best way to go about such-a thing though, really.
<ijp>I just got a compiler warning for a literal that contained a (format . "json")
<ijp>actually false alarm
<ijp>have we considered adding docstrings to normal variable defines?
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<ijp>nalaginrut: chinese question. How do you refer to what westerners call the "middle east"?
<ijp>I know japanese uses the term 中東 which quite funny, but I assumed you'd have a different name
<nalaginrut>ijp: it's 中东
<nalaginrut>ijp: in mainland, we use simplified Chinese, but Japanese uses a font like traditional Chinese(just similar but not same often)
<nalaginrut>ijp: well, you plan to drop Scheme and take up Chinese for programming? ;-D
<ijp>ah, so you do just use the same idiom of "middle east"
<ijp>it seems weird to me, because it is to your west
<nalaginrut>yes, in general, I think it is, except for same serious academic purpose(dunno)
<nalaginrut>actually, in ancient China, we call that place "west"
<nalaginrut>even for India, we call it "west", and there's a famous book "The Journey to the West“ or "Monkey King"
<ijp>yeah, I've heard of it
<nalaginrut>but middle east is a modern word influenced by other culture, I guess
<nalaginrut>maybe influenced by Hebrew, dunno
<jao>we call ourselves "the west" in europe... it'd be funny if oriental people call themselves "the east" :)
<ijp>well china is 中国 which means middle country
<nalaginrut>since in our context, "China" means the middle of the world which is passed from ancient, it's common for many culture, the ancient people think they're dwell in middle of the world or even middle of universe
<ijp>jao: and japan is 日本 (origin of the sun) because it was east of china :)
<jao>i see
<nalaginrut>ijp: yes~you changed your major for history/culture?
<ijp>I'm more of a character afficionado
<jao>some ancient cultures in europe talked about "middle earth," but i think that's more referring as being between heaven and hell
<ijp>which is a word I probably shouldn't have used to a non native...
<ijp>jao: I think 'west' must be more recent. It used to be christendom.
<nalaginrut>ah~yeah, middle-earth, and the lord of the ring ;-)
<nalaginrut>I think all of these are some kind of metaphor
<nalaginrut>when Chinese encountered the word "middle earth", we often think it's in a plane
<nalaginrut>but for some culture, it's in a space
<nalaginrut>ijp: yes, I agree "west" is related to christendom
<nalaginrut>anyway, personal opinion
<ijp>it's not at all unusual for people way back when to assume they were the centre of the world
<nalaginrut>I wonder if it's a real world map
<nalaginrut>or from novel?
<ijp>I'm not sure if that one is real, but I've seen a similar one that is
<ijp>it's quite accurate for the meditteranean
<nalaginrut>alright, my mistake, the dark part is sea not land
<nalaginrut>ijp: are you planing for a journey or writing a book? ;-)
<ijp>anyway, jao, what are you doing up at this time?
<ijp>can't sleep either?
<ijp>nalaginrut: neither, I'm just making conversation
<jao>ijp, i'm a night owl and usually work by night
<jao>ijp, i basically live in PDT time, where my company's headquarters are
<nalaginrut>I often suffer from insomnia,even I keep laying down, the code or ideas rush in my brain, maybe a stick is needed in this time
<youlysses>Hm, I might attempt a port of Guile to Android and/or the OUYA platform sometime late this year and/or early the next -- it looks certainly do-able with NDK, though one may have to "root" their device to use it. :^U
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<taylanub>It would be very exciting to bind the whole Objective-C run-time to Guile, having an "objective-c object" type in Guile, deallocating objects via Guile's GC, etc., but then again I want to just quit being an iOS developer. :P
<nalaginrut>youlysses: sounds nice!
<nalaginrut>alas...times bug on Hurd has taken us(me and braunr) two weeks, what a waste of hackpower ;-/
<nalaginrut>times in Guile2
<youlysses> nalaginrut: Hopefully it'll be worth-it long-term though...? :^)
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<davexunit>happy friday
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