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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<dsmith>Hey hey
<dsmith>sneek, later tell wingo So! v2.1.0-1093-g5270bb5 (master) passes make check no problems on 32bit! Yey
<sneek>Got it.
<nalaginrut>nice news
<davexunit>what's in 2.1 ?
<dsmith>git master
<dsmith>davexunit, the new rtl vm
<davexunit>dsmith: ah, okay. neat.
<dsmith>The next step on the way to compiling directly to the machine.
<davexunit>looking forward to that day. :)
<nalaginrut>doesn't rtl-vm really used? IIRC, it just be there before, didn't called by others
<cpower> I'm a PM looking for other PM's that work on large scale Open Source and Mixed (Open Source/Corporate) Development Software projects to see if they would like to discuss and brainstorm issues they have running such projects
<cpower>lively room
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<amirouche>«You are the worst kind of HN user.» x)
<add^_>amirouche: ?
<davexunit>amirouche is quoting me, it seems.
<davexunit>weird to quote with no context, though.
<davexunit>hacker news.
<ijp><fsbot> I heard hn is [0] hackernews <fsbot> [1] reddit for snobs,
<stis>evening folks!
<add^_>evening :-)
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<shanecelis>hello guilers
<add^_>hey shanecelis
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<davexunit>greetings shanecelis
<stis>heya shancelis
<shanecelis>Hey guys, I wish I had something cool to share, but I got nothing right now.
<shanecelis>Leap motion gets on Monday though. That'll be cool.
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<didi>Why do we still have `guile-gnome-2' script?
<sneek>Welcome back didi, you have 1 message.
<sneek>didi, mark_weaver says: yes, the latest release of guile-gnome works with guile 2.0.5. most likely you'll have to build it from source though, along with g-wrap and guile-cairo. the version of guile-gnome in debian derivatives is compiled against guile 1.8. tupi is a good person to ask about details.