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<davexunit>I see a section in the guile manual about texinfo processing, but it doesn't seem to be about what I want: how to build texinfo docs from docstrings.
<davexunit>could anyone point me in the right direction?
<davexunit>guile-tools doc-snarf?
*davexunit is really hitting a wall with guile's performance
*davexunit wonders if he'll have to re-write some code in C.
<davexunit>27 GCs in one second thanks to all the floating point math it takes to render 800 rotated sprites.
<davexunit>could this help me alleviate some performance issues?
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<nalaginrut> DerGuteMoritz I've done it with (translators (cons (list "md" markdown->html) (translators)))
<nalaginrut>I thought hyde has inner markdown parser
<djcb>moin wingo
<nalaginrut_>evening guilers~
<davexunit>shanecelis: emacsy-webkit looks so cool!
<davexunit>shanecelis: is the kbd macro supposed to be in .gitignore? I was wondering how you implemented it since I plan to provide a similar interface for guile-2d.
<davexunit>shanecelis: nvm
<shanecelis>davexunit: thanks!
<wackonline>hello all,How to link into a integer value to a stringļ¼Ÿ
<nalaginrut_>wackonline: object->string ?
<fbs>link? (cons string int) ?
<djcb>ah, there's an emacsy-webkit? that sounds very interesting
<shanecelis>djcb: Just trying to work out the kinks right now so I can release it.
<amgarchIn9>Hi! How do you "define-values" in a REPL? I use let-values in the scripts. This isnt as convenient in the REPL.
<shanecelis>amgarchIn9: (define my-var 'whatever-i-like)
<amgarchIn9>Note the difference in the output of (values 1 2)
<shanecelis>amgarchIn9: oh wait, my mistake.
<amgarchIn9>and (define a (values 1 2))
<shanecelis>amgarchIn9: hmm... tricky.
<amgarchIn9>This is ugly: (let-values (((pts wts) (genpts 110))) (set! PTS pts) (set! WTS wts)), and needs prior (define WTS #f)
<djcb>shanecelis: very nice! a guilified conkeror based on guile...
<djcb>i thought about writing something like that, but i'm happy i don't have too :)
<shanecelis>djcb: thanks! Yeah, I wish it existed already too.
<shanecelis>Writing apps in a not complete library (emacsy) induces a lot of analysis paralysis.
<djcb>i can imagine! otoh, building your lib alongside a somewhat real-world use-case should be very helpful, too
<aleix_>hi there
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<shanecelis>all right. Emacs 0.1.1 released! It should build and it's got a browser.
<davexunit>Emacs + y :P
<davexunit>also, congrats shanecelis
<shanecelis>davexunit: thanks! Man, releasing stuff is so much work.
<aleix>shanecelis: great!
<shanecelis>davexunit: lol, I finally saw my typo. Ha, Emacs_y_, yeah.