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<add^_>Gosh, I have no idea.. Where to find anything credible, on the internet, about lambda calculus.
<add^_>I mean, I can't just read everything I come over :-/
<fbs>start with stuff on university pages
<fbs> one by barendreght
<add^_>Good night! zzzz
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<ozzloy>morning nalaginrut
<ozzloy>i'm about to go to bed. it's almost midnight
<nalaginrut>ozzloy: heya~
<taylanub>I wonder what it would take to optimize (let () (define-record-type :foo (make-foo bar) foo? (bar bar)) (let ((foo (make-foo 5))) (bar foo))) to 5.
<daimrod>Killed buffer
<tupi>hello guilers, i am facing a multicore problem, i am using GNU Guile
<tupi>guile; then ,use (ice-9 threads) and then (par-map 1+ (iota 400000))
<tupi>only uses 1 core
<tupi>however, from whithin a script launched as ... exec guile -e main -s $0 "$@"
<tupi>it will use all cores to start with, and slowly reduce then till 1 will work only
<ijp>well, one thread needs to accumulate the results
<ijp>no way around that one
<tupi>ijp: i have 12 cores, it uses only 1
<ijp>anyway you can report it
<tupi>i know :), wanted to try my chance to grab civodul or mark_weaver's attention [mark_weaver sometimes ping me after reading the log, and wishes me to try some small testing code ...
<ijp>mark is weird like that
<tupi>yes, and i like it :)
<microcode>seems guile doesn't have the required infrastructure oto run any of the test262 tests...
<ijp>amd test262 is?
<microcode>test262 is's ECMA-262 compliance test for ECMAScript
<ijp>oh right
<microcode>maybe it's how I'm running them that's causing this issue...
<ijp>I expect not, the ecmascript support is far from complete
<taylanub>microcode: I don't think Guile's JS is anything near complete ?
<microcode>not near complete doesn't mean "fails every compliance test ever written", does it?
<microcode>it can hardly be considered ECMAScript
<microcode>it's just something which looks like it
<microcode>I could just be running them in such a way which causes the harness to fail them wrongly though
<microcode>I'm sure some of them pass, and I'm well aware it's not supposed to be a mature implementation of any sort
<microcode>just figured it could be fun to run it on guile early in the morning and see how it turns out
<microcode>maybe take a crack at fixing whatever single showstopper is keeping any of these from passing
<microcode>I think if there's an implementation, it should at least be marginally compliant
<ijp>it's basically not been worked on for a few years
<microcode>you still advertise it on the front page though
<ijp>the intention would was obviously compliance, but you can't grow that out of thin air
<microcode>and it sorta works
<microcode>of course not
<microcode>I mean, I just want to get things at least set up to be testable
<microcode>at which point people can fairly casually peck at it
<taylanub>microcode: I think even the syntax is incomplete, so perhaps it fails for a reason like that ..
<ijp>for one, you can't leave out semicolons, even where allowed by js
<microcode>oh, one sec
<microcode>I think it's reacting to guile's enormous debug output
<microcode>which is for whatever reason not on stderr, but on stdout
<microcode>that could be the main issue here
<microcode>how to quiet it down...
<youlysses>Why is guile-gnome gplv2 and not 3?
<microcode>for integration with GNOME, I presume, youlysses
<youlysses>microcode: Ah, true. I suppose that the last release was still in the 2.x branch of GNOME and most of it's software was still licensed as-such. Isn't most if-not all of GNOME3 now GPLv3, though?
<youlysses>I assume there need to be people actively working on the tech I suppose, for it to be a real issue. :^P
<dsmith>Howdy Guilers
<add^_>Howdy, I was about to say "Happy Friday" but realized that it's Saturday now :-(
<add^_>Almost Sunday
<wleslie>it's been Sunday for nearly five hours here.
<dsmith>And so the world turns
<dsmith>rlb, Hey!
<dsmith>rlb, Hows goes getting newish guile into debian?
<microcode>youlysses: I assume it only works for GTK+2
<microcode>I think that was the case last I checked
<microcode>not that I think it would be that much trouble to port it forward
<microcode>I think one of the better things that could come of a good ECMAScript runtime in Guile, would be Guile integration with GNOME and other projects
<microcode>instead of the mess of different runtimes for everything
<rlb>dsmith: slowly -- think the right bwgc's finally in experimental (and may have migrated to unstable?), but now there's a bug in glibc that breaks the networking tests. I think Adam's going to cherry-pick the upstream fix, and then, *hopefully* we'll be ready to go.
<dsmith>rlb, Ah yes, there is a 1:7.2d-2
<dsmith>Looks like that's only in experimental though