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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<civodul>friends, Guile is a wonderful Scheme implementation
<wingo>what did you do? :)
<civodul>i just happen to be struggling with another one :-)
<ijp>wingo: that was my thought as well :)
<wingo>civodul: heh, i see ;-)
<tupi>yes, i think so too, long live to guile!
<civodul>long live!
<civodul>ijp, wingo: i you don't realize that it's wonderful, i can give you a trick
<civodul>but trust me, it is!
<DerGuteMoritz>the unattainable is unknown with guile!
<DerGuteMoritz>civodul: what are you struggling with?
<civodul>well, macros and all that
<civodul></rant> :-)
<wingo>clearly you should load up psyntax into the impl you are working with, har har
<wingo>more seriously you might be able to wire in syntax-rules if it doesn't have it. obviously not as powerful though
<DerGuteMoritz>if it is about chicken I'm happy to advise
<DerGuteMoritz>if it is about chicken's lack of syntax-case, that is :-)
<civodul>wingo: it has syntax-rules, but like Guile 1.8 had it
<DerGuteMoritz>how did guile 1.8 have syntax-rules?
<wingo>using psyntax as a module
<wingo>it also took like 150ms to load
<wingo>that was turrible
<DerGuteMoritz>ah, that sounds painful!
<DerGuteMoritz>ok doesn't seem to be about chicken then heh
<wingo>i don't think so, no :)
<DerGuteMoritz>do you guys use syntax-case a lot?
<DerGuteMoritz>or do you have another low-levelish macro system in guile you prefer?
<wingo>i prefer syntax-rules when it's applicable
<wingo>and otherwise use syntax-case
<wingo>would be nice to steal racket's syntax-parse at some point
<wingo>stis did some work in that direction
<DerGuteMoritz>yeah I mean for cases where syntax-rules doesn't cut it
<DerGuteMoritz>I see, I see
<wingo>we actually still use the upstream psyntax representation for syntax objects -- tagged vectors (gulp!)
<wingo>they need to be serializable and we don't do serializable records...
<DerGuteMoritz>ah, dang :-)
*DerGuteMoritz checks out syntax-parse
<wingo>there's a phd thesis written on it iirc
*DerGuteMoritz is checking
<DerGuteMoritz>looks pretty wild!
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