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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<wingo>moin :)
<wingo>how goes?
<civodul>currently under the sun of the south-east
<civodul>wingo: BTW thanks for your reply on the blog
<wingo>np, glad you liked the article
<rgrau>hi guilers. I was wondering what's the state of 'lua on guile'. I read something about it, but most of the info is 2 years old
<ijp>I started fixing some bugs on it a few months ago, but I ran into some trouble getting the parser to work at the repl
<ijp>I don't think I got any feedback on my last few patches
<ijp>the original author sent a reply to that thread, I think, officially washing his hands of it
<ijp>those patches are all you should need to make the tests pass if you merge the branch with master
<rgrau>thanks. is that 'lua' branch in the main guile repo?
<ijp>but you still won't be able to run lua files with it
<ijp>that requires a fix to the parser
<ijp>rgrau: yes
<civodul>ijp: on the Lua branch, were you waiting for feedback or something?
<ijp>I just wanted a yes/no on the merge
<nalaginrut>ijp: can it work?
<ijp>the patches weren't exactly controversial
<ijp>nalaginrut: define work
<ijp>without parser fixes (which weren't/aren't ready for inclusion) you can't run a lua file
<nalaginrut>I'm writing a guile-lua-rebirth, in 'common way' of guile, token & lalr
<nalaginrut>different from the original one
<ijp>once that's done, I don't think there was much problem with the code generation
<nalaginrut>that original parser is painful for me to hack
<ijp>it's painful just to look at
<nalaginrut>I think it'll spend same time to hack it than rewrite it with LALR
<nalaginrut>lexer is done, parser is WIP
<nalaginrut>oops, I forget to finish get-exponent-number
<nalaginrut>anyway, hope I can finish the parser this weekend, before Lisp-in-summer-project
<civodul>ijp: "yes"
<civodul>perhaps wingo knows better though
<civodul>well, we don't want to merge another unusable front-end also
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