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<youlysses>So is "guile-gtk" pretty much stagnent and 2.x and/or has there been any intrest porting to 3.x?
<dsmith-work>Yeah. guile-gtk is way old and stale. guile-gnome is active, but is 2.x, not 3.x
<dsmith-work>Someone (zeenix?) was working on a guile-gir I think.
<dsmith-work>Last update was March 12 2011
<dsmith-work>So that's not really happening either.
<youlysses>dsmith-work: Well guile-gnome looks fairly promising actually, or at least it appears like it has more going for it in the long-run, over guile-gtk. In a year-or-so, this is likely will see my involvement, to some degree.
<dsmith-work>youlysses: guile-gtk was for gtk-1.2, then someone updated it to 2.x, but guile-gnome was already happening and was the way forward.
<youlysses>dsmith-work: Sounds about right. Either way, I'm surprised that by-and-large it doesn't appear all to current. Idk, maybe something like Emacsy will help guile-gnome grow in tangent.
<youlysses>That being said, I wonder if ShaneC ever had or currently still has any interest donating his code to the GNU project in-general. I'd be willing to throw him at least a $20 if the toolkit got somewhat mature. :^)
<swwet>hello we must update your compte in chase by this link o k
<dsmith-work>Uh. Right...
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<davexunit>evening guilers
<davexunit>could anyone perhaps help me with making a patch? I have some questions about best practices and technique.
<dsmith-work>davexunit: They like git format-patch
<davexunit>dsmith-work: yeah that's what I'm trying to work with.
<davexunit>learning how to squash commits to make the patch pretty
<davexunit>I'm not sure how to email the patch.
<davexunit>as an attachment or in the message body?
<dsmith-work>Just saw a video on how to the squash/reorder stuff with magit the other day.
<davexunit>I didn't know magit could do that!
<davexunit>I'm using the regular git cli way
<dsmith-work>git send-mail
<dsmith-work> I think..
<dsmith-work>davexunit: magit is just so fun to use.
<dsmith-work>Pretty detailed info on how the u-boot people want their patches.
*dsmith-work just re-submitted a patch today
<dsmith-work>And I'm sure I horked somehthing.
<davexunit>sent a patch.
<davexunit>it looks mostly right, but there's this huge chunk of whitespace when I view it in thunderbird for some reason.
<davexunit>ohh I see what happened. I deleted a special character in the file. emacs displayed it as ^L
<davexunit>hopefully I won't be bashed too hard.
<davexunit>looking for resources for how to generate texinfo docs from guile docstrings
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
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<Soft>Emacsy seems like a wonderful project
<Soft>too bad I don't really have anything to embed it to
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<tupi>helo guilers, does this sounds familiar to anyone:
<tupi>ice-9/threads.scm:99:22: In procedure loop:
<tupi>ice-9/threads.scm:99:22: close-pipe: pipe not in table
<nalaginrut_>hmm...not for me
<tupi>it appears randomly, i have diffculties to reproduce the bug
<nalaginrut_>writing a server? ;-P
<tupi>no, i am using par-map to run image file conversion in //, upon several thousands of images ... in 26 directories
<tupi>i am using mutex to write info to the terminal
<nalaginrut_>well, I never saw that
*nalaginrut_ is writing a small language front-end
<tupi>i wish i could reproduce it, but so far so bad :)
<nalaginrut_>finally IMP works!
<nalaginrut_>maybe bugs there, but it works as I expected. I'll make this IMP as tutorial project for adding new language front-end in Guile
*nalaginrut_ has to go to bed...
<mario-goulart>nalaginrut_: nice. s/imperitive langage/imperative language/
<mario-goulart>(in the description)
<nalaginrut_>mario-goulart: thanks~
<nalaginrut_>have to go to bed, it's 04:17am now...
<civodul>what's the IMP language?
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<mark_weaver>tupi: I'm reasonably sure that the problem is this: no mutex is used to protect 'port/pid-table' in (ice-9 popen).
<mark_weaver>I think it's safe to say that's a bug in Guile.
<mark_weaver>sneek: later tell davexunit see 'reap-pipes' in ice-9/popen.scm, and the immediately following call to 'add-hook!' for an example of how to use guardians.
<sneek>Got it.
<mark_weaver>hmm. I want to protect 'pipe-guardian' as well, but I'm nervous that doing so might lead to deadlocks, because it is used from the after-gc-hook.
<mark_weaver>guardians might need to be protected from the C level.
<mark_weaver>tupi: I emailed you a patch that might fix your problem.
<tupi>sneek: later tell mark_weaver thanks, was busy talking to a collegue, but till now i did not received your email. we can talk about it later or tomorrow of course, thanks again: it is extremely important to me that we find a solution to this problem...
<sneek>Got it.