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<tupi>dsmith-work: hello, i am sorry i did leave abruptly the chat yesterday, but there has been several powercut just after my last quiz ...
<dsmith-work>tupi: np
<dsmith-work>tupi: I was just saying I think what is an extention varies.
<dsmith-work>tupi: Take the "basename" exec for example.
<dsmith-work>It can remove the extension, but you have to excplicitly say what that extenstion is. Actually, they say "suffix" not "extension".
<dsmith-work>tupi: Here is an example, rcs files. Don't they use ,v as an extension?
<dsmith-work>not '.', but ','
<tupi>dsmith-work: thanks, was busy on the phone
<tupi>yes they do use ,v ... and yes suffix is a better 'name'
<tupi>in your example yesterday, blue.tar.gz, i think the extension is 'gz', then decompressed, it is tar ...
<tupi>but i guess it is a mater of opinion rather then a real convention ...