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<dsmith>Hey hey
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<davexunit>good morning, guilers
*wingo at with ludo
<davexunit>wingo: I have a question about figl. should I ever have to load the (figl gl low-level) module? or is it ideal for that to be not included by end users?
<davexunit>I'm trying to generate textures, and the only procedure I can find is glGenTextures in low-level.scm
<wingo>davexunit: you can use the low-level one, but ideally the high-level one suits your needs
<wingo>i think there might be generate-textures or something
<wingo>maybe not
<davexunit>there was a generate-buffers, but no generate-textures that I saw.
<wingo>patches welcome :)
<davexunit>of course. :)
<davexunit>I wanted to make sure that this was indeed a missing piece, first.
<davexunit>have you already presented at ELS?
<wingo>i wasn't going to do it, but it seems i have a lightning talk
<wingo>on dwarf foo
<davexunit>good luck. :)
<add^_>dwarf foo?
<davexunit>are these presentations being recorded? I want to see and/or hear the Guix one.
<add^_>yeah, me too.
<add^_>wingo: When you said "dwarf foo" I thought "dwarf fortress" :-P
<davexunit>I also thought of that
<wingo>davexunit: apparently their audio is being recorded
<wingo>not video tho
<add^_>good enough
<davexunit>well audio + slides would be sufficient.
<wingo>for slides-based presentations, yes -- some are more interactive tho
<add^_>Hey civodul :-)
<civodul>wingo's here too!
<add^_>we heard :-D
<add^_>or did you mean in the channel? xD
<civodul>in the channel, yes :-)
<add^_>The internet is too small to contain these awesome people, we need to expand!
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