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*civodul needs to send a note to the list
<civodul>shanecelis: did you get an official message from Google?
<shanecelis>civodul: yep, go it today!
<shanecelis>I got your email before then, but I wanted to wait till it was official.
<civodul>yeah, me too :-)
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!
<microcode>why is there no C API equivalent of make-hash-table, only equivalents for the weak hash table functions?
<microcode>I suspect it's an allocation reason
<dsmith>Heya, Guileers
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<nalaginrut>civodul: heya
*civodul prepares a message about the accepted GSoCs
<civodul>bipt, shanecelis: i'm sending an announcement for people to know, but feel free to introduce yourself and tell more about your vision!
<dsmith>civodul, Yey! more guile emacs GSoC
<ft>are those confirmed, or are they merely proposals that might make it?
<civodul>ft: confirmed
<civodul>we just got the confirmation, but i linked to the proposals
<ft>That is pretty awesome. ;)
<davexunit>how does one add customization to a guile application? global variables in a module + set! ?
<fbs>to a existing app or yours?
<davexunit>fbs: either. but let's say mine.
<davexunit>I was thinking about nice ways to handle user customization.
<davexunit>and then I have style questions: would these customizable variables use earmuff notation?
<davexunit>in emacs, I do things like (setq tab-width 4), but elisp is not scheme and I'm curious as to what the best practices are.
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<shanecelis>davexunit: Are you thinking just customizing variables or possibly augmenting procedures too?
<davexunit>shanecelis: let's be simple and say just variables.
<davexunit>redefining procedures takes more work.
<davexunit>well.. I guess it doesn't really.
<davexunit>since emacs lacks namespaces it is easy to override all sorts of things.
<davexunit>guile has namespaces (a very good thing) but it leaves me wondering how we are supposed to customize our applications like we can with emacs.
<shanecelis>Yeah, I've been thinking about how to do things like one would in Emacs. I think for procedures the answer is a little more straight forward. Use some kind of define-advice.
<shanecelis>For values, it seems trickier, unless you parameterize everything which essentially makes all values procedures.