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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<ota>Can't believe it has only 971 hits.
<mario-goulart>Hey, that was in brazil!
<janneke>how do i enter a number-symbol?
<janneke>scheme@(guile-user)> (string->symbol (number->string 1))
<janneke>$4 = #{1}#
<janneke>scheme@(guile-user)> #{1}#
<janneke>;;; <unknown-location>: warning: possibly unbound variable `#{1}#'
<janneke>ERROR: In procedure #<procedure 28a62c0 ()>:
<janneke>ERROR: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: #{1}#
<wingo>what on earth is a number symbol?
<janneke>what i typed above: (string->symbol (number->string 1))
<wingo>in the same logical category as pancake pizzas :)
<janneke>wingo: ow, aren't they good! :-)
<wingo>i mean, i guess you're asking for: '#{1}#
<wingo>but i can only guess
<wingo>there are other symbol read syntaxes
<janneke>Ah, I'm dumb!
<wingo>np :)
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<mgsk>Can guile threads be paused?
<nicferrier>hey guilers
<nicferrier>I found this the other day. it's my 10 years old libxml/xsl guile integration.
<nicferrier>does anyone think I should bother updating this or does guile have better solutions than this now?
<taylanub>nicferrier: You might want to look into (info "(guile) SXML") (i.e. ).
<nicferrier>yeah, I know about sxml.
<nicferrier>libxml is much more powerful though.
<nicferrier>for some definitions of "powerful"
<taylanub>nicferrier: I'm really asking because I don't know: what can libxml do other than reading XML into a native data structure, accessing parts of it declaratively, applying declarative transformations to it, etc. ?
<nicferrier>you weren't asking. you were telling.
<taylanub>Excuse me ?
<nicferrier>no problem.
<taylanub>I didn't use XML much in my life. Used a SAX parser once, XPath a couple times, wrote an XSLT file once, and that's about it.
<nicferrier>libxml is fast. very fast. it has schema validation and comprehensive xpath and blah blah blah.
<taylanub>Ah, schemas. There seems to be no schema-validation in the SXML module. It has something akin to XPath though. Also seems to be purely in Scheme, so I guess libxml might be desired instead in some situations where highest possible performance is needed.
<nicferrier>and where xpath or xml or xslt is required. instead of the s- equivalents.
<taylanub>Well XML is obviously covered. And isn't XPath something that only appears in code ? (Or would an sxpath->xpath be useful for some reason ?) XSLT documents can indeed stand on their own though I guess, so you'd want something that can read and apply them.
<civodul>nicferrier: the SXML modules convert back and forth between XML and SXML
<nicferrier>civodul: sure they do. that doesn't invalidate my point or my question though.
<civodul>i think i arrived after your initial comment actually :-)
<civodul>but yeah, it may be slower than libxml, and perhaps lacks some features too
<civodul>in my experience, it's pleasant to use though
<civodul>esp. with sxml-match
<zRecursive>Is there QuickLisp similar tool using guile ?
<davexunit>happy friday guilers
<civodul>right, Happy Friday!
<civodul>just in time: it's almost Saturday here :-)
<janneke1>10mins to go!
<ijp>I remember back when friday lasted all day