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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<wingo>morning civodul !
<wingo>thanks for your review, i'll go fix things up :)
<civodul>wingo: you're welcome ;-)
<civodul>not sure if it was very useful for you
<civodul>but it was nice reading for me ;-)
<wingo>some things were useful, but the larger utility for me is to get it into your brain :)
<wingo>i'll fix up docstrings at the end of the patchset if that's ok
<wingo>that way i can avoid conflicts
<civodul>getting into my brain :-)
<wingo>civodul: scm_from_uintptr or scm_from_uintptr_t ?
<civodul>the latter!
<wingo>good, that's what i thought too :)
<civodul>yeah, like scm_from_size_t
<civodul>glad to help ;-)
<wingo>ok, do you want to take another look, or should i push my fixed linker branch?
<civodul>i think you can go ahead
<wingo>cool, tx
<wingo>you will need to remove all your .go because of the new assumption about .go alignment
<wingo>it will carp if you don't
<wingo>next patchset has the actual vm
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<wingo>perhaps the last one is stuck in the queue tho
<civodul>we'll see
<civodul>i'm at work now but i'll try to look into it tonight
<civodul>i'm writing Scheme all the time now
<civodul>crazy thing
<wingo>learning from the masters too :)
<civodul>yes :-)
<civodul>though i'd like to interact more with said master
<civodul>but masters are busy ;-)
*wingo a list spammer
<shanecelis>It was quite a flurry of emails.
<wingo>it is ongoing :)
<shanecelis>I still haven't used scm_to_pointer and scm_from_pointer. I've just used smobs instead, which are great but sometimes I just need function pointers. Gonna learn me some.
<wingo>if you can, avoid c entirely :)
<shanecelis>Would if I could.
<davexunit>the guile C api is pretty nice to use if you have to :)
<shanecelis>It really is. I like that what I know in Scheme I can guess in C, and it usually works.
<davexunit>easier than the lua API that's for sure.
<ft>So, I'm implementing guile bindings to a library and apparently, I got a bug in it somewhere. It triggers every now and then and causes guile to segfault. So I figured, I'd try and run "guile --debug" to see if that results in a more revealing backtrace. But it looks like the bug doesn't trigger with --debug enabled. Heisenbugs ftw. ;)
<ijp>that's nothing, I've had bugs that have disappeared by describing them to someone else on irc
<ft>ijp: :)
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<didi>Is there a version of guile-gnome that runs on guile 2.0.5?
<mark_weaver>sneek: later tell didi yes, the latest release of guile-gnome works with guile 2.0.5. most likely you'll have to build it from source though, along with g-wrap and guile-cairo. the version of guile-gnome in debian derivatives is compiled against guile 1.8. tupi is a good person to ask about details.
<sneek>Got it.