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<shanecelis>How many arguments can a SCM_DEFINE function have?
<shanecelis>Found it. 10.
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<b4283>nalaginrut: artanis, very strong
<nalaginrut>b4283: It will be stronger later ;-P
<b4283>i noticed that you have included (web server) but defined no server-impl
<nalaginrut>b4283: it's unnecessary to define a new server, since my purpose is to build a web-framework, so I took advantage of Guile
<nalaginrut>Guile's inner http server
<b4283>i see
<nalaginrut>If there'll be a new stronger server in the future from me, I'll keep its interface compatible with (web server)
<nalaginrut>users just need to define a server-hander for each request
<nalaginrut>it's easy to port
<nalaginrut>anyway, users of artanis just concentrate on web developing
<b4283>there's no builtin functions for managing sessions in guile, right?
<nalaginrut>b4283: it's just unfinished, I'm working on it
<nalaginrut>and yes, there's no in Guile
<nalaginrut>it's in artanis
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<nalaginrut>is there any Guile way to convert HTML to XML?
<nalaginrut>OK, I'll write one
<bipt>nalaginrut, there is an sxml-based html parser on oleg's website: not sure if it's included in guile or not
<nalaginrut>bipt: thanks, but I've just done html->xml with cut&awk
<nalaginrut>it works now
<nalaginrut>I mean cut&awk generated HTML tags to XML tags table
<nalaginrut>bipt: BTW, do you know how to get rid of the namespace from xml->sxml
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<civodul>wingo: while building master, "guild snarf-check-and-output-texi" hangs forever (0% CPU)
<civodul>does that ring a bell?
<civodul>is GC 7.2alpha6 too old for master?
*civodul mailed the list
<shanecelis>hey civodul
<wingo>civodul: GC_MARKERS=1 ?
<civodul>is it a question or a suggestion? :-)
<wingo>it is a question, does it work with that environment variable setting?
<civodul>but this libgc doesn't have parallel markers enabled IIRC
<wingo>it doesn't work with that setting?
<wingo>you might have to kill all your .go files if you are switching from stable-2.0
<civodul>no it doesn't
<wingo>i don't recall
<civodul>no .go left
<civodul>but see the backtrace: it's really a libguile/libgc interaction issue
<wingo>oh that's exciting
<wingo>there might have been a 7.2 release that took or didn't take a lock, differently from 7.1 or 7.2 final
<wingo>i seem to recall that too :P
<wingo>why not try with 7.2 final?
<civodul>was it ever final? :-)
<civodul>lemme try
<wingo>7.2d is the latest final release :)
<wingo>stupid version numbers
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