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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<aoi^>hi nalaginrut
<nalaginrut>aoi^: heya~
*nalaginrut wish there's srfi-21 in Guile
<aoi^>"Real-time multithreading support" ?
<aoi^>for web services?
<aoi^>is that something that can be implemented directly in guile userland?
<aoi^>or is that a guile kernel/language thing?
<aoi^>Received: 2000/05/11
<aoi^>i take it ath "SRFI" means sceme request for implementation" ?
<nalaginrut>I dunno, I think it could be implemented in userland ,but SRFI means it's Scheme implementation defines
<aoi^>perhaps just a library like pthreads in C
<nalaginrut>yes, but the point is 'read-time' IMO
<aoi^>real-time, yes thats a bit harder
<aoi^>having high resolution timers and interupt handling is a the key thing there
<nalaginrut>we do have srfi-18 for multi-thread
<nalaginrut>but no real-time one
<aoi^>i see
<aoi^>i haven't really looked at threading yet in guile
*aoi^ is still getting his head around the language
<ijp>what are you coding that needs to be read-time?
<nalaginrut>ijp: actually I've no real-time need now, but when I'm designing actor-model implementation, I just raised the thought about srfi-21
<aoi^>any event + callback hook model needs threading support,
<aoi^>not sure where real-time fits in there
<aoi^>are you talking to hardware?
<nalaginrut>I said I've no real-time need now
<nalaginrut>but I didn't find difference between srfi-21 and srfi-18, except srfi-21 claims 'real-time'
<nalaginrut>OK I see, there're 3 priority in srfi-21
<aoi^>nalaginrut: seems to be about the priority management
<nalaginrut>yes, and schedular
<aoi^>if srfi-18 is implemented, you should be able to replace the scheduler?
<aoi^>however, higher resolution timer is an interesting problem also
<nalaginrut>in principle, it's easy to think
<nalaginrut>but the precise timer is relative to Guile itself and OS
<aoi^>setting the interupts to start various threads is harder
<nalaginrut>anyway, real-time is a hard way to go, I won't touch it now, since I have many things in TODO
<aoi^>yeah, understood