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***cbabbage is now known as ijp
<dougmencken>ijp: there're no changes with --disable-regexp
<ijp>well, I can't say I'm too surprised
<ijp>I'm mostly clueless about the build stuff
<dougmencken>thats okay, I remember I wrote opts for ./configure back in 1.8 days
<dougmencken>(when there was no compiler, no network etc.)
***ijp` is now known as ijp
***ijp` is now known as ijp
<Chaos`Eternal>hello, just want ask a question about async: This doc
<Chaos`Eternal>says that async is scheduled by ways of sleep.
<Chaos`Eternal>though this is strange, but I still want to know how asyncs are implemented and schedules, and if i use asyncs heavily, will them affect the performance
<Chaos`Eternal>well, my proposed usage of asyncs is to use asyncs to implement thread-mailbox
<dsmith>Chaos`Eternal, That's from 2007. I think the newish guiles are different. That may be from before guile began using posix threads.
<Chaos`Eternal>dsmith, thx
<Chaos`Eternal>but do you have some evidence or codes...
<Chaos`Eternal>code always talks
<dsmith>Chaos`Eternal, Just look through the guile manual on threads. Or asyncs.
<Chaos`Eternal>dsmith, i have read the manual, again and again..
<dsmith>Chaos`Eternal, the code is libguile/async.c
<Chaos`Eternal>actually, I did find the code for queuing a thunk to asyncs queue, but i didn't find the code executes the queue
<dsmith>For example, the system-async is marked as deprecated.
<Chaos`Eternal>but system-async-mark is not
<Chaos`Eternal>well, i believe the code is there, just i can't find it
<dsmith>Ok. I just meant that what is currently available may be different from that web page.
<wingo>evening, guilers
<wingo>heya civodul :)
<civodul>hey wingo!
*wingo -> z now tho, night :)
<civodul>oh, fix for regex_exec