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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
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<dsmith>wingo, Yeah. two point two
<ft>Hm, why would (format #t "~d" 3.0) print "3.0" instead of "3"?
<dougmencken>hi! I finally made it; no new guile in 2 years is too much; so I reported a bug to mail-list
<ijp>what do you mean "no new guile"?
<ijp>2.0.9 was what, a month ago?
<dougmencken>ijp: I wasn't able to build it a long-long
<dougmencken>well, in the first year, I just haven't tried
<ijp>huh, a regexp error. That's weird
<dougmencken>something called "apply-smob"
<ijp>dougmencken: [0] is the most recent frame, [12] would be the oldest
<ijp>how are you building this? passing in any flags to make?
<dougmencken>ijp: everything is on-line ;)
<dougmencken>I'll try the second line of
<ijp>well, I don't think that is going to make any difference to your problem
<dougmencken>me too, but anyway, I have nothing to do :)
<ijp>try configuring with --disable-regex
<ijp>I don't know if that option actually works, but it at least seems relevant :P
<dougmencken>okay,'ll try
<dougmencken>version from git describe: v2.1.0 << hmm
<dougmencken>looks like final release, huh?
<dougmencken>hmm, current git errors another way
<dougmencken>Assertion failure: reclaim.c:244
<dougmencken>I updated wiki page; below "Fresh build of Guile git master (HEAD f6f4feb0a2222efcb297e634603621126542e63f)"
<ijp>reclaim.c ?
<dougmencken>ijp: you're asking it like I know what it is :)
<ijp>I don't know of that file
<ijp>unless it is a very recent addition
<dougmencken>time to edit build commands to change --enable-regex to --disable-regex
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