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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<microcode>civodul: 'lo
<civodul>Guix 0.2 is out!
<wingo>excellent :)
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<dougmencken>hi guys; does mean anything to you?
<dougmencken>(I still cannot build guile)
<dougmencken>I'm trying 2.0.9
<fbs>i once had the same, it might be the garbage collector
<fbs>you need 7.2 iirc
<dougmencken>exactly 7.2? I have 7.3alpha2
<fbs>i think my problem was a old version, but that was over a year ago. SO you might have a different problem
<dougmencken>the same with bdwgc-v7.2d
<mgsk><stdin>:1487:10: warning: non-literal format string
<mgsk>Why does that give me a warning?
<mgsk>What's bad about a non-literal format str?
<wingo>it is often a mistake
<wingo>and it can be somewhat dangerous if it's user-supplied
<mgsk>I see.
<wingo>not dangerous like C but still bug-prone
<mgsk>Can I silence the warning?
<wingo>-Wno-format I think on the command line; there is a way to silence it at the repl as well
<wingo>look in the manual for compile options and check out ,options
<wingo>or ,option perhaps?
<wingo>anyway it's there somewhere :)
<mgsk>Weird... there are no compile options in info guile.
*mgsk shrugs
<wingo>would be nice to be able to use stdint in guile
<wingo>i don't think we can tho
<dougmencken>which gcc version so you use to build guile? have you tried 4.8.0? I suppose ``memoize.c:515:***Mismatching FUNC_NAME. Should be: `#define FUNC_NAME s_"@prompt"''' is GCC thing
<wingo>that is a warning i think
<wingo>and it is from a tool, not the c compiler
<dougmencken>how can I do with that backtrace?
<civodul>wingo: stdint.h is c99
<dougmencken>ERROR: make[3]: *** [guile-procedures.texi] Error 1 << this is not warning
<wingo>civodul: i think gnulib has a wrapper
<wingo>but we export our types
<civodul>possibly, but we need it in our installed headers
<wingo>so we can't do that i don't think
<civodul>hopefully "soon" stdint.h can be considered ubiquitous
<wingo>would be nice :)
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