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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<cky>sneek: later tell mark_weaver Congrats on passing GCJ Round 1A!
<sneek>Got it.
<cky>sneek: later tell mark_weaver My solution uses the same solution approach as yours, but as you can see, you didn't need to use the formula as a starting "guess" value; it turned out to be correct every time. (At least for Racket.)
<sneek>Got it.
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<panicz>hey, are there any developers out there?
<nalaginrut>me ;-)
<panicz>ok :)
<nalaginrut>panicz: heya
<panicz>i'm sorry if i make any irc faux pas, but i'm new here and i don't know the mechanics
<nalaginrut>what mechanics? IRC?
<nalaginrut>well, you just type what's your problem and waiting for others answer
<panicz>ok :)
<nalaginrut>if no any answer, three possibilities:
<nalaginrut>1. they are sleep
<nalaginrut>2. they don't know
<Chaos`Eternal>not three
<nalaginrut>3. it's time to describe your problem more precisely on mailing-list
<nalaginrut>OK, it's 4 ;-P
<Chaos`Eternal>one possibilities: you ask the wrong problem in a wrong place with a wrong time
<panicz>:) thanks
<panicz>the thing is that what i've found is not entirely a bug, but it's an inconsistent behaviour
<Chaos`Eternal>oops, s/possibilities/possibility/
<panicz>of the (ice-9 match) module
<nalaginrut>panicz: for that bug-alike thing, please send it to mailing-list
<nalaginrut>it's hard to discuss on IRC
<panicz>to guile-devel or bug-guile?
<Chaos`Eternal>but you can post your code on pastebin or somewhere else
<Chaos`Eternal>show the code
<panicz>ok, i'm posting
<Chaos`Eternal>straightforward: the code, what's output expected and what's the output seen
<stis>hey guilers!
<stis>hey ijp:
<stis>ijp: I'm in contact with Chaos_Ethernal who is the one that taken over the development of guile-scsh at gutorious
<stis>He thinks it is ready for use know and wonders if it can be fitted into guild-hall!
<stis>What do you think?
<ijp>well, writing a pkg-list.scm is easy, you can look at the guildhall info page, or other packages for examples
<ijp>after that, yeah, I'll add it
<stis>I have an example for guile-syntax-parse that I can look at!
<stis>Cool. I think that this scsh repo is most matured. Didn't Unknown_lamer have a try at scsh as well?
<ijp>it'll be interesting to see how far he got, scsh has had many failed reimplmentations over the years
<stis>I think that chaos examined the flora and decided to finish the gitorious one.
<stis>Anyhow I'll try to have a final discussion with him and we'll package it up and release it!
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